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autumn gathering

A basketful of blossoms reflects the bounty and beauty of the season.

Design by Walter Fedyshyn, AIFD, PFCI

     As the casual lull of warm summer days gives way to the hum of autumn activity, customers will delight in arrangements that capture the essence of the seasons. This traditional gathering basket, filled with a mix of fall fare, reflects the subtle transition from summer to autumn and would be splendid on tabletops and even appropriate for sympathy services.

     It’s crafted in a traditional gathering basket and arranged to appear as if freshly harvested florals have been casually laid within. However, the golden blossoms are arranged into one end of a foam cage while their stems are arranged into the other. Soft, pliable foliages and fluffy Queen Anne’s lace add a light, wispy effect and reinforce the design’s uncontrived appearance.

MATERIALS: ‘Mango’ miniature callas from CallaCo; Dahlias from Farmers’ West Flowers & Bouquets, Inc.; sunflowers, daisy spray and “football” chrysanthemums, Queen Anne’s lace, lily grass and other foliages from favorite suppliers; basket from Giftwares Co.; Tribute Cage® Holder from Oasis® Floral Products; Wrapsit Floral Ties from Syndicate Sales, Inc.


How to 1
Attach the foam cage to the inside of the basket by looping a zip tie through the basket’s weaving and through the hole at the end of the plastic cage. Pull tight to secure.



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