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// TRENDS //



                        Bill Schaffer, AIFD, AAF, PFCI,
                        and Kristine Kratt, AIFD, PFCI

                          By now, you have heard that
               SUPER FLORAL / FEBRUARY 2018
                        the Pantone 2018 Color of the
                        Year is Ultra Violet. Whether
                        you love it or not, the blue-
                        based purple will now influence
                        consumers for the next two years.
                                                       Leatrice Eiseman, executive   flowers in the Ultra Violet color
                          How we all see color is    director of the Pantone Color
                        extremely subjective. We all    Institute states, “From exploring   family. Natural-hued flowers such
                                                                                   as Anemones, carnations, hyacinths,
                        have our favorite colors, and    new technologies and the greater   Hydrangeas, Irises, Liatrises, lilacs,
                        we all have some that we tend    galaxy, to artistic expression and   Lisianthuses, ‘Matsumoto’ asters,
                        to avoid using. The selection of a   spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra   statice, stock, tulips, Vanda orchids
                        trend color goes beyond personal   Violet lights the way to what is    and more are available. If you
                        preferences. It is a deep analysis   yet to come.”         really want to focus on Ultra
                        into what is happening in the                              Violet, you can color-enhance
                        world around us. Two years ago,   The flower world is a perfect   other flowers such as Chrysan-
                        color groups, product develop-  place to highlight Ultra Violet.   themums and Hydrangeas to use as
                        ment designers, manufactur-  This vibrant, bold hue is a blend   accents or focals in your bouquets.
                        ers, mass-marketers and many   of red and blue (leaning slightly
                        others were analyzing social and   more to the blue side), and when   Have fun adding this eye-
                        socioeconomic lifestyles as well   combined with flowers of the   catching, eye-popping color to
                        as political, religious, destination   same color family – lavender, lilac,   your floral designs and bouquets
                        and cultural influences including   purple and blue, as well as blush   in 2018! n
                        art, entertainment, fashion and   and, yes, even millennial pink,
                        worldwide sporting events.   Ultra Violet finds a perfect match.            Bill Schaffer,
                                                     And Pantone advises that “With                 AIFD, AAF,
                          A year later, manufacturers,   golds or other metallics, Ultra            PFCI, and
                        vendors and retailers made final   Violet becomes luxurious and             Kristine
                        decisions on the most significant   dazzling; with greens or greys,         Kratt, AIFD,
                        colors and began their product   it evokes natural elegance.”               PFCI, are
                                                                                                    the owners
                        development and manufacturing                                               of Schaffer
                        operations. From this collection    Using Ultra Violet as an accent         Designs. Bill
                        of color influences, the color of   is a great way to show your trend       is a third-
                        the year emerged.            awareness. A simple addition   generation floral designer from
                                                     of a floral pick or a change in a   Philadelphia, and Kris grew up in the
                          According to Laurie Press-  bouquet’s sleeve or wrap can put   floral industry of Northern California.
                        man, vice president of the   Ultra Violet into your bouquets   Flowers led to Bill and Kris’ first
                                                                                   meeting while serving on AIFD’s
                        Pantone Color Institute, Ultra   and in front of your customers.   Membership Committee. Their
                        Violet is more than what is just                           budding courtship was shared with
                        trending in the world of design:   It’s extremely exciting that the   their floral friends when they were
                        “It’s truly a reflection of what’s   floral industry is bursting with    engaged on the main stage at an
                        needed in our world today.”   so many types and varieties of   AIFD Symposium and later married
                                                                                   at the Philadelphia Flower Show.
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