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                        FLOWERS OF                                                       1. Asocolflores members at
                                                                                         the launch event of the “Good
                                                                                         Couple Day” campaign, in Tokyo,
                        COLOMBIA, DIVERSITY                                              Japan, in 20107. The campaign
                                                                                         is designed to promote new cut-
                                                                                         flower consumption occasions.
                        THAT INSPIRES!                                                   2. The Flowers of Colombia
                                                                                         diversity is evident through all
                                                                                         the types of bouquets than Co-
                                                                                         lombian cut-flower growers can
                                                                                         offer any time of the year.

                        RANGE OF PRODUCTS AND          1
                        COMMITMENT ENSURE
               SUPER FLORAL / FEBRUARY 2018
                        ASOCOLFLORES’ REPUTATION
                        IN THE FLORAL INDUSTRY.

                        By Eliana Alzate

                          Hydrangeas as big as dinner
                        plates, roses the size of teacups
                        and carnations that go on forever
                        … and ever … and ever!
                        Everyone knows Colombian
                        flowers are long, strong and    es and Eryngium. Gerberas, Brassica   Floriculture is one of the most
                        beautiful, but do you know how   (kale) and Godetia, never mind filler   successful examples of entre-
                        many varieties we produce?   flowers that add massive value to   preneurial leadership and social
                                                     every bouquet. Hydrangeas in every   responsibility in Colombia. This
                          When I joined Asocolflores   color you could ask for and, of   industry generates wealth, jobs
                        just over a year ago, I had no   course, the most amazing roses in   and well-being for nearly one
                        idea. Not only the volume that   every color, shape and length.  million Colombians while play-
                        has made us the second biggest                             ing a major role in our country’s
                        exporter in the world but also the   Thousands of different flowers   socioeconomic life. In only 50
                        range. Which is why diversity is   and, because our climate is so   years, Colombia became the first
                        so important to our activities and   perfect, they really are all longer,   supplier of cut flowers to the
                        why Asocolflores has spent a lot   stronger and brighter. The Sabana   USA. Also, our country is the
                        of time creating a new brand that   de Bogotá and Antioquia – stand-  largest producer of carnations in
                        truly portrays what we are about:   ing at 8,730 above sea level – gives   the world and currently exports to
                        a country that has not only the   us an enviable climate that is per-  more than 90 countries.
                        largest biodiversity in the world   fect for flower growing. Not just
                        but also that grows everything a   some of the time, but all of the   Our sustainability program,
                        professional flower buyer could   time, which means Colombia is   started by Asocolflores some 20
                        want – 1,400 different flower   probably one of the most reliable   years ago, is acknowledged as one
                        types, including some you may    supply lines you can choose.  of the leaders in the world
                        not know we grow!                                          because Asocolflores´ purpose
                                                       But our bright new brand is just   is to strengthen sustainable
                          Colombia is much more than   part of the story. Yes, our flowers   floriculture in Colombia to create
                        just carnations, roses or chrysan-  are amazing and consistently   well-being and inspiring experi-
                        themums – although even they are   good, but there is a whole back   ences. This program is a long-
                        seeing some major new develop-  story to every Colombian flower   term comprehensive strategy
                        ments. For example, there’s our   you buy due to the fact we are   aimed at optimizing the use of
                        amazing Proteas and Leucadendrons,   committed to our ethical position,   resources and improving the
                        as well as our stunning Agapanthus-  as well.              quality of life for workers and
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