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(LEFT) “You don’t have to spend money, which forces you to be
                                                                    creative,” Jackie says. Her co-workers know this about her and
                                                                    lend a hand whenever they see something they think Jackie can
                                                                    use. For this portion of the display, for example, one co-worker
                                                                    found an old rotating mechanism used briefly in the store by
                                                                    a cracker vender. Instead of throwing it out, she asked Jackie
                                                                    if it was of any use to her. Jackie used the battery-operated
                                                                    mechanism and placed a two-inch poinsettia on it. The poinset-
                                                                    tia spun around, giving the display an eye-catching highlight.
                                                                    “I always think, ‘What can I do with this?’” Jackie says. “I hate to
                                                                    throw things away. There’s always something you can do with
                                                                    things that are normally thrown away.”

(RIGHT) “There’s a little impulse buyer in everyone,” Jackie
says, “especially during the holidays.” Along with a festive
display, Jackie makes sure that even a regular sale display
explodes with color, like this one that featured colorful poinset-
tias. For Jackie, it’s always about thinking of the next thing.
And it doesn’t hurt that Stater Bros. gives out gift cards to
not only the best displays but also to departments that “move
the needle.” “We’ve seen our numbers go up,” she says.
“I think that’s because when I build my displays, I think of
the customers first, then the store.” sf


        This display was entered in the 2017 “Merchandising
        Award of Excellence” contest. To enter our 2018 contest,
        sponsored by Super Floral and Syndicate Sales, visit See more information on Page 13.

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