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merchandising merit
                   Displays To                                      Die For

                                  Halloween and Day of the Dead present
                                  unique opportunities for vibrant displays.

                                                             ç Day of the Dead (or Dia De Los Muertos) is celebrated
                                                             mainly in Mexico. And, despite its apparent morbid title, it’s
                                                             observed as a joyous tradition — a sort of family reunion
                                                             where the guests of honor are the dead ancestors of those
                                                             celebrating. The custom, which takes its heritage from an-
                                                             cient Aztec and Spanish “All Souls Day,” is a festive and col-
                                                             orful one celebrated with food, drink and floral arrangements.
                                                             The Stater Bros. in Wildomar, Calif., created by Prea Jones,
                                                             made this special Day of the Dead display to showcase
                                                             items that observers of the tradition could purchase from
                                                             their store. The display is packed with vibrant colors; Day of
                                                             the Dead balloons; and festooned with marigolds, candles
                                                             and produce, including mangoes, avocados and limes. It’s a
                                                             great example of a store making a niche display for maxi-
                                                             mum sales impact.

               è Halloween is all about tricks and treats, and it’s all
               about the kids. But sometimes we forget that a lot of
               kids have certain food allergies. In 2012, a tradition was
               started where teal-painted pumpkins displayed in front of
               a home announced that the treats there were food-aller-
               gy-friendly, meaning that the home offered trick-or-treat-
               ers toys and other items not associated with traditional
               candies. In this spirit, Scott R. Ellingboe, at Hy-Vee in
               Fitchburg, Wis., created a Halloween display with teal
               pumpkins, along with fresh blooming flowers and plants,
               signs, and plush toys. The display was set center of the
               store where customers were encouraged to pick up their
               Halloween items and decorations.

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