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                                    A New Era                          

                                    at Super Floral                              President/Publisher Travis Rigby
                                                                                 Editorial Director David L. Coake
                                                                                 Editor Christopher Carvajal
                                                                                 Contributing Writers Cindy McGowan
                                                                                                        Cindy Hanauer
               My name is Christopher Carvajal (the well-  As you can undoubtedly see, my background                     Kristine Kratt, AIFD, PFCI
                                                                                                        Bill Schaffer, AIFD, AAF, PFCI
             dressed, bearded — some might say “hand-  is not in marketing. However, my background
             some” i.e. my mom — fellow over there on the   is in journalism. In my eight-plus years in the
             left), and I am here to happily tell you that I am   news industry, I’ve covered hard news, crime,   design
             the new editor of Super Floral magazine. Okay,   sports, entertainment and politics. I’ve also
                                                                                 Graphic Designer/Photographer Carrie Burgoon
             now that we have the introductions out of the   served as a social-media manager and business   Floral Design Coordinator Lori McNorton
             way, let’s get down to what I’m doing here and,   reporter. What I bring to the table is an ability
             infinitely more important, how this affects you,   to sniff out a story and get the hard facts out to   advertising
             the Super Floral reader.          readers in a timely and entertaining way. I also   Advertising Sales Director Lisa Strydom
                                               believe that social media and e-commerce are   Account Executive Teresa Salts
               When WildFlower Media Inc. President
             and Publisher Travis Rigby purchased Florists’   the absolute best ways to get any brand out to   Account Coordinator Ralph Granger
             Review and Super Floral magazines about 18   the masses. And that’s something you clearly
             months ago, he did so with a clear vision in   care about.          circulation
             mind. He wanted to continue to deliver relevant   And that’s what I’m going to bring to Super   Circulation Coordinator Brenda Wettengel
             content that both publications have been churn-  Floral. With the help of intrepid reporters, as   Wholesale and Retail Florist Account Executive
                                                                                                Mary Lou Clark
             ing out for decades while also making sure the   well as the continued contributions from Cindy
                                                                                 Circulation/Book Sales Marty Bean
             magazines are on the cutting edge of the 21st   Hanauer, Bill Schaffer and Kristine Kratt and
             century as well as at the forefront of the entire   their valuable trend reports, and others, I’m   Judy Bent
             industry as a whole. We’ve already seen the   making you a promise that our new look —   technology
             fresh and magnificent changes the hardwork-  which will officially launch January 2018 — will   Director of Technology Shawn Cusolito
             ing team in Topeka, Kan., have put together in   have more substance and be far more useful to
             recent Florists’ Review issues, and Travis wants to   you, the industry movers and shakers, than ever   editorial advisers
             bring that same mixture of magnetism and sub-  before. We’re going to report more on things   John Agnew, Whole Foods Market, Inc.
             stance to Super Floral. In a word, he wants Super   you care about. Things that will entertain and
                                                                                 Bill Byland, N.G. Heimos Specialty Plants/
             Floral to be the standard for the mass-market   enlighten, things that will make us all successful
                                                                                   Micky’s Minis
             floral industry.                  in what is a challenging but also vibrant and   Debora Coleman, Albertsons LLC
                                               beautiful industry. They say that all the boats in
               His first move was to open an office in the                       Kevin Coupe,
             beautiful Doral area of Miami, Fla. Doral is the   the sea rise with the tide, and I want to make   Steve Daum, Floralife, Inc.
             pipeline of the floral and plant industry, and it   sure that Super Floral is always that tide.  Debbie Loche, Roche Bros.
             only made sense that Super Floral be headquar-  I want to thank Travis for this amazing   Ben Pauley, Passion Growers
             tered there.                      opportunity, as well as Editorial Director David   Rita Peters, Hy-Vee, Inc.
                                               Coake, for all their help and support as I’ve   Stan Pohmer, Pohmer Consulting Group
               Next, he brought me on board to run things.                       Cindy Rapshus, The Roy Houff Company
             Hi! Hello. How are you?           come on board and gotten my legs under me.
                                               And I’m looking forward to meeting many of
               My vision is simple: It’s actually the exact   you as we work together to make the supermar-  subscription rates
             same vision that Travis has, which I des-  ket, mass-market and high-volume florist indus-  Qualified readers in the United States: No charge
             cribed above.                     try vibrant and impactful for years to come.  Unqualified readers in the United States: $35 per year
                                                                                 All foreign subscriptions: $50 per year
               But wait! There’s more!
                                                 It’s great to meet you all. Now let’s get   Additional fee for foreign
               While Super Floral will remain the month-  to work! sf               airmail subscriptions: $30 per year
             ly publication for supermarket, mass-market                         Single copy price: $4 + $2 S&H per issue - U.S. only
             and other high-volume florists that it’s always                     For international shipping email
             been, we’re gearing up for wholesale changes,                for quote
                                                                                 Circulation customer service: (800) 367-4708
             particularly in themes and content. Marketing
             folks would call that a “rebranding.” But I’d call
                                                Reach Associate Editor Christopher Carvajal at
             it “the same in-depth reporting on the industry’s
                                       or (800)367-4708.
             news and trends, plus also a few really cool
             things that will benefit us all too.”
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