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merchandising merit

                                      Late leader’s patriotism and passion on display.

   A tribute to beloved longtime Stater Bros. Markets’ president        Prea Jones, GMC/Floral of the Wildomar store, incorporated
and CEO Jack Brown, who died in November 2016, inspired              photos, portraits and quotes from Mr. Brown among the tiered
this patriotic Christmas display at the Stater Bros. Market in       “tree” of poinsettias. A well-stocked display of holiday gifts and
Wildomar, Calif. Mr. Brown grew up in the grocery business           ready-made décor lined the aisle behind this show-stopper.
and spent 35 years leading the Stater Bros. “family,” as he          With their work, Prea and her colleagues clearly embraced the
always referred to its employees, who at the time of his passing     philosophies espoused by their longtime leader: “A lot of people
numbered around 18,000. Born on Flag Day (June 14) and a             think the supermarket business is all about selling stuff; it’s about
veteran of the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War era, Mr. Brown       serving people.” sf
shared his love of country and respect for veterans with all of his
colleagues and customers.

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