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table ofcontents                      march 2017 / vol. 30, no. 3  departments

                                       4	perspective
                                      	 Don’t forget the baby boomers

                                        6	 planning tips
                                      	 Calendar and merchandising ideas

                                       8	 merchandising merit
                                      	 Prom appeal

                                      10	 design of the month
                                      	 Spring free

                                      12	 workbench basics
                                      	 Longstanding forms

                                      15	 cut flower	     	                   	  		

                                      18	 blooming plant

                                      38	 around the industry

                                      40	 fresh finds

                                                     41	 classified ads
                                                     	 advertisers index

                                      12 	 product source guide

                                                     42	 stats & facts
                                                      	 Reaching the boomers


                                                      20	 Sympathy Trends
                                                     	 A report on what’s happening to funeral
                                                     	 flower sales across the U.S.
                                                      22	 A Life Well Remembered
                                                     	 Eight ways to honor your bereaved
                                                     	 customers with superb service.
                                                      24	 The Super Floral Q&A
                                                     	 Getting to know Kasey Cronquist,
                                                     	 CEO and Ambassador of the
                                                     	 California Cut Flower Commission.
                                                      26	 Marketing to Millennials
                                                     	 A new study offers insight on how to
                                                     	 reach out to Generation Y and entice
                                                     	 them to buy floral products.
                                                      31	 Display Principles
                                                     	 Sixteen secrets to effective product 		
                                                      35	 Special Events at IFE 2017
                                                     	 A look at the special attractions at this year’s 	

                                      31 	 International Floriculture Expo in Chicago.

                                                         On the Cover
                                                         Flowers from The Sun Valley Group
                                                         Figurine from Baisch & Skinner Wholesale Floral Distributor
                                                         Floral design by Lori McNorton

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