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                                                         To increase sales in the floral department for
                                                         Easter, Prea decided to “use The Force” by
                                                         creating Star Wars-inspired Easter displays.
                                                         Among a beautiful assortment of plants,
                                                         bouquets and arrangements were cross-
                                                         merchandised edibles and other gifts including
                                                         Star Wars-themed Easter eggs, candy,
                                                         gummies, bubbles, balloons, gift cards and
                                                         more, as well as coordinatingly themed signage.
                                                         A large Storm Trooper with bunny ears towered
                                                         from one floral display, capturing the attention
                                                         of customers of all ages. sf

Reach Editorial Intern Fatima Oubaid at               This display was entered in the 2016 “Merchandising or (800) 367-4708, ext. 521.  Award of Excellence” contest. To enter our 2017 con-
                                                      test, sponsored by Super Floral and Syndicate Sales,
                                                      Inc., turn to Page 38 or visit

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