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“a wonderful first impression”
                                                                                    The floral departments, located at the entrance in most stores,
                                                                                 reflect the company’s commitment to a superior customer ex-
                                                                                 perience. “Walking into our stores and seeing the big beautiful
                                                                                 displays of colorful fresh flowers makes a wonderful first impres-
                                                                                 sion,” Cindy remarks. “That’s very important to our stores.”

                                                                                    The gorgeous departments, ranging from 600 to 800 square
                                                                                 feet in space, feature an eye-catching array of flowers and plants.
                                                                                 Bunches of flowers are displayed in buckets, European-mar-
                                                                                 ket style, for shoppers to create their own bouquets. Attractive
                                                                                 shelving units and rustic tables offer pretty plants for customers
                                                                                 to buy as gifts or for their homes. Coolers hold a large variety of
                                                                                 arrangements and bouquets for customers to grab and go.

                                                                                    The departments carry a full selection of balloons and some
                                                                                 giftware, but the overall focus is on the fresh products. The florists
                                                                                 change the looks of the departments seasonally, being sure to
                                                                                 organize them according to the needs of their own clientele.
                                                                                 “They have lot of creative license,” Cindy remarks.

                                                                                    Merchandising team leaders for produce and floral visit the de-
                                                                                 partments often to provide advice and help. The other members
                                                                                 of the corporate floral team include Cindy, Procurement Analyst
                                                                                 Erin Vickerman and the senior director of produce and floral,
                                                                                 Greg Corrigan.

                                                                                 floral professionals
                                                                                    The floral managers have a wealth of experience, giving the
                                                                                 departments a level of professionalism that customers appreciate,
                                                                                 Cindy expresses. “A lot of our floral leads worked for florists or
                                                                                 owned their own shops before they came to work here,” Cindy
                                                                                 shares. “They’re really special.”

                                                                                    The number of floral staffers in each department ranges from
                                                                                 one to five, depending on the size of the store and floral volume.
                                                                                 They offer a full slate of floral services, including custom designs,
                                                                                 events and weddings. The florists do much of the design work in
                                                                                 front of customers, a practice that is especially popular with DIY
                                                                                 (do-it-yourself) customers. “They’re watching to see if they can
                                                                                 learn how to do it themselves,” Cindy comments.

The floral departments at Raley’s Family of Fine Stores greet customers with     wedding options
beautiful displays of cut flowers, arrangements, potted plants and accessories,     Although most of the floral designs are created in-house, the
all merchandised on attractive shelving and tables.                              floral operation does use vendors for some services. For wedding
                                                                                 work, brides can choose from several packages a vendor provides,
                                                                                 or they can have Raley’s designers handle their weddings. For
                                                                                 vendor-provided weddings, brides look through a binder that
                                                                                 provides a wide range of color, style and price choices.

                                                                                    Despite the vendor option, Cindy shares that most brides
                                                                                 choose to have the Raley’s floral designers create their wedding
                                                                                 flowers. When handling weddings, the designers take extra care
                                                                                 to make sure everything is just what brides want for their big day.
                                                                                 “Nothing can go wrong,” Cindy reminds. “We won’t let anything
                                                                                 go wrong.”

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