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the personal touch
   Located in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Peterson’s Fresh Market
seeks to differentiate itself from competitors through its high-qual-
ity products and personal touches. The signature full-service meat
department offers Certified Angus Beef, in-house-made bratwurst
and fresh ground beef, and it is “renowned throughout the state,”
shares Floral Manager Heidi Newman. The store also offers a
scratch bakery, hot meal solutions in the deli and tree-ripened
oranges in produce.

   Founded by Brandon’s great-grandfather, Lute Peterson, in
1938, the store’s other defining characteristics are its friendliness
and local connections, Brandon comments. “We focus on the fact
that we are a local retailer,” he explains. “One of our big company
taglines is, ‘Local friends you know and trust.’”

   The store strives to make personal connections with shoppers,
and employees know many of them by name, Brandon shares.
“There’s a good sense of community in the store,” he elaborates.

profitable move
   That’s the case in the floral department, where Heidi strives to
offer custom, personalized service. As a resident of Riverton for
about 40 years, “I have really good relationships with most of our
customers,” she describes.

   Heidi joined the store in 2013, when Peterson’s purchased and
moved into the 54,000-square-foot grocery store she was working
in. At the time, Peterson’s had a limited-service department that was
staffed by a part-time employee. The new building had more space
for the department, and with Heidi’s 25-year experience in the
wholesale and retail sides of the business, Peterson’s had the perfect
opportunity to increase its floral presence.

   The move to a full-time florist has paid off, Brandon describes.
“We’re running a good increase in floral and have consistently done
that since we made that investment,” he reveals.

                                                                                                               (above) This Valentine’s Day display at Peterson’s Fresh Market shows just
                                                                                                               some of the wide selection of plants available.
                                                                                                               (top) The cooler offers arrangements for all occasions. Gerberas, featured in
                                                                                                               several of the designs, are customers’ favorite flower.
                                                                                                               (left) Floral Manager Heidi Newman has 25 years of experience in the whole-
                                                                                                               sale and retail floral business.

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