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                                                                               Photos: Peterson’s Fresh Market

                                                                               At Peterson’s Fresh Market, the
                                                                               floral department supports the
                                                                               company’s high-quality image.

                                                                               by cynthia l. mcgowan

                                                                               peterson’s fresh market

                                            Brandon Peterson and Heidi Newman  LOCATION Riverton, Utah
                                                                               OWNERS Monte Peterson and Jan Horrocks
   What does the floral department bring to a grocery store? At                FOUNDED In 1938 by Lute Peterson
Peterson’s Fresh Market in Riverton, Utah, it provides the first               STORE SIZE 54,000 square feet
evidence to shoppers that the store places a high priority on its              FLORAL DEPARTMENT SIZE 1,000 square feet
perishables departments.                                                       STORE EMPLOYEES Ranges from 95 to 110, depending
                                                                               on the season
   “All of our fresh departments are strategically important to us,
and we include floral in that mix,” expresses Brandon Peterson,                FLORAL EMPLOYEES One full time, plus extra help on big
store manager of the 78-year-old family-owned independent. “It                 floral occasions
helps make a fresh and seasonal statement about the store.”
                                                                               FLORAL’S CONTRIBUTION TO STORE SALES 1 percent to
   The full-service 1,000-square-foot department is in a high-traffic          2 percent
area near both the entrance and the registers. Having a vibrant,
colorful floral shop in such a prominent location sets the stage for           BIGGEST FLORAL HOLIDAYS Valentine’s Day, followed
the high-quality products offered in the store’s other fresh depart-           by Mother’s Day
ments, including produce, meat and bakery. “We see synergy with
how the floral department supports the brand equity of the store,”             FLORAL SERVICES Full-service floral department, offering
Brandon shares.                                                                custom designs; delivery; and wedding, sympathy,
                                                                               prom and event services

                                                                               STORE MANAGER Brandon Peterson
                                                                               FLORAL MANAGER Heidi Newman

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