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publicizing the department                                                (above and left) Wooden crates that easily can be moved make it simple to
   The store also publicizes its florals through social media, ad-        quickly change the look of the department.
vertising and special promotions. Albrecht’s frequently features a        (top left) The department offers a complete range of floral products, includ-
flower special on its weekly flier, which reaches 32,000 homes.           ing sympathy designs like the one shown here.
The store also places banner ads on the local newspaper’s website.
                                                                            what sells best
   Another successful method of communication is by text message.                 Diana Dreger, AIFD, orders products for Albrecht’s
Kerry often texts customers to let them know about special offers or           Delafield Market, with the assistance of Designer
when a shipment of fresh flowers has arrived. To receive the special           Phillip Meyer, AIFD. “We let them order what they
offer, customers show the messages to cashiers.                                need because they know their customers,” expresses
                                                                               Kerry Jeanpierre, co-owner. Since they joined the
satisfied customers                                                            department, Diana and Phillip successfully have offered
   Customer response to the new department has been extremely                  new products, such as giftware and home décor items,
positive. “They realize we are a floral business that happens to be            Kerry describes. Most flowers and plants are purchased
located in a grocery store,” Kerry describes. “Where we are doesn’t            from wholesalers, and the store buys locally whenever
limit any of our services or what we can do for customers.”                    possible as a point of differentiation from other markets.

   She credits Diana and Phillip for the positive response. “What              TOP SELLERS Ready-made bouquets and custom ar-
they’ve done in the department, with the look of it, customization             rangements are the department’s best sellers. Colorful
of designs and suggestive selling, has catapulted sales,” she express-         seasonal bouquets grab attention and spark the most
es. “I give them all the credit for the growth.”                               impulse sales, Kerry shares. Among arrangements, nov-
                                                                               elty designs for the Green Bay Packers or fun holidays
   The decision to expand floral made good business sense by                   like Halloween sell well.
offering another way for the independent grocer to stand out from
its chain competitors, she remarks. “We’ve given customers another             BUNCHES Customers enjoy choosing from the extensive
reason to come into the store,” she confirms. “We feel this sets us            selection of single stems and bunches. The flowers in-
apart, and that’s been proved to us in the past year. I think it’s going       clude sunflowers, Oriental lilies, Hydrangeas, snapdrag-
to continue to grow as Diana and Phillip develop relationships with            ons, orchids, bells-of-Ireland, larkspurs, Delphiniums,
more and more customers.” sf                                                   Irises, birds-of-paradise, waxflowers, seeded Eucalyp-
                                                                               tus and more.

                                                                               PLANTS Seasonal selections like mums sell best.
                                                                               GIFTWARE The department has expanded its giftware
                                                                               line in recent months. The selection includes candles,
                                                                               upscale containers, throw pillows, statuary and more.

                                                                                Reach Editor in Chief Cynthia L. McGowan at
                                                                       or (800) 355-8086.

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