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(above) Gorgeous cut flowers, including orchids and callas, entice custom-  fabulous florals
ers at West Seattle Thriftway to come into the department and get a closer     The floral department sets the tone for an inviting customer ex-
look at the diverse selection.                                              perience. It is at the entrance to the store where it greets customers
(top left) Loose stems and bunches are displayed in galvanized buckets,     with a gorgeous, colorful selection of flowers, plants, balloons and
providing a flower-market look to the department. Balloons, ready to grab   accessories. At least 40 galvanized buckets showcase flower bunch-
and go, help inspire impulse sales.                                         es, creating the feel of a European market.
(top right) Megan Furen is the floral department’s manager.
                                                                               The department’s well-made signage adds to the flower market
22 / november 2015                                      feel. Large chalkboard signs welcome floral customers, and the same
                                                                            chalkboard motif is used on all product identification and pricing
                                                                            signage. “We have a really talented sign maker here,” Megan express-
                                                                            es, adding that signage is an essential part of the store’s merchandis-
                                                                            ing efforts. “Everything has a sign,” she confirms. “It’s important.”

                                                                            “friendly store”
                                                                               Also important is the level of service the department provides.
                                                                            “We are known as a very friendly store,” Megan says. “We try not to
                                                                            say no and to accommodate our customers.”

                                                                               The store makes sure to offer floral hours that are convenient to
                                                                            customers, staffing the department from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. most
                                                                            days and from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. If a floral staffer
                                                                            isn’t available, other people in the store are trained to inflate bal-
                                                                            loons and offer other basic services.

                                                                               In addition to Megan, the staff includes two designers with
                                                                            extensive floral experience. They often make custom designs while
                                                                            customers continue their shopping in other departments although
                                                                            some clients like to stay and watch the creativity. The designers also
                                                                            fashion pretty presentation bouquets using flowers that customers
                                                                            choose from the large selection of cut flowers, a free service.

                                                                               The department’s offerings include full-service weddings, funer-
                                                                            als and events. The staff is especially busy during prom and other
                                                                            high school dances. “We get slammed with orders,” Megan says,
                                                                            attributing the demand to repeat customers who share their good
                                                                            experiences with friends.
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