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BOTANICAL NAME                                 COLORS
Dahlia                                         The American Dahlia Society recognizes
(DAL-yuh, DAL-ee-uh,
DOLL-yuh, DOLL-ee-uh)                          15 colors or color combinations of Dahlias:

COMMON NAME                                    n white      n purple
There is no common name for these flowers,     n yellow     n bronze
so they are known commonly by their bo-        n orange     n flame blend
tanical name, Dahlia.                          n pink       n light blend
                                               n dark pink  n dark blend
DESCRIPTION                                    n red        n variegated
Dahlias have many bloom forms, which           n dark red   n bicolor
range in diameter from about 1 inch to 10      n lavender
inches or larger. These flowers are catego-
rized into groups, or classifications, based   VASE LIFE                                       HYDRATION Immediately after cutting, dip
on their bloom form and size. Common           Flower longevity varies widely among culti-     or place the stem ends into a hydration
groups include:                                vars, from four to 10 days, and is dependent    solution to help the flowers take up nutrient
n Single (Single Flowered)                     on bloom maturity at the time of sale, care     solution more quickly.
n Mignon Single                                from farm to florist and environmental con-
n Anemone Flowered                             ditions at the consumer level.                  NUTRITION Place stems into sterile storage
n Peony Flowered                                                                               containers partially filled with properly
n Orchid Flowered                              AVAILABILITY                                    proportioned flower-food solution. Dahlias
                                               Cut Dahlias are most available from about       grow from tuberous, bulblike roots, so you
    (Single and Double)                        April through November from both U.S. and       can use bulb-flower food. Allow Dahlias to
n Water Lily (Nymphaea Flowered)               Holland growers, but some producers offer       hydrate at room temperature for at least two
n Decorative (Formal and Informal)             crops as early as February.                     hours before selling or arranging them.
n Cactus
                                               care and handling                               REFRIGERATION Some varieties of Dahlias are
    (Straight, Incurved and Semi)                                                              chill sensitive, so cold storage is generally
n Collarette                                   PROMPT ATTENTION Unpack Dahlias immedi-         not recommended, especially long term, so
n Ball and Miniature Ball                      ately upon arrival at your facility, and check  use or sell these flowers within two days of
n Pompon                                       the quality and condition of the flowers.       receipt. If absolutely necessary, you can store
n Laciniated / Fimbriated                                                                      Dahlias in a floral cooler but for no more
n Novelty, Novelty Open and                    PREPARATION FOR PROCESSING Remove any           than two days. Extended cold storage can
                                               sleeves and stem bindings as well as any        reduce vase life by as much as 30 percent.
    Novelty Fully Double                       foliage that would be under water in storage
n Orchette                                     containers. Because these flowers are usually   ETHYLENE SENSITIVITY These botanicals’ sensi-
                                               field grown, rinse stems under cool running     tivity to ethylene gas is generally considered
    (Orchid Flowered / Collarette)             water to remove dirt and debris.                to be low; however, make sure your pur-
(See the variety gallery on Pages 16-17 for                                                    chases are treated with an ethylene inhibitor
photos of 17 Dahlia bloom types. For de-       STEM CUTTING Recut stem ends with a sharp,      at the grower or during shipping, and take
scriptions of Dahlia flower forms, visit www.  sterile blade, on an angle, removing at least   precautions to reduce ethylene levels in your        1 inch of stem.                                 stores and warehouse facilities.

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