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enter your displays!                                       a glammed-up holiday
   Do you want to win a trip to the next                      Shoppers at Stater Bros. Markets in Murrieta, Calif., fell head
International Floriculture Expo (IFE) in                   over heels for the floral department’s Valentine’s Day promotion
Chicago as well as earn the recognition of                 this year. Dubbed “Head Over Heels In Love,” the engaging,
your peers? Make sure to enter the 2016                    whimsical display starred iconic 1930s cartoon character Betty
“Merchandising Award of Excellence”                        Boop, along with high-heeled shoes featured in signage and even
contest. We make it easy for you—just take photos of your  as floral containers.
best merchandising displays, write a short description of
what you did and mail your entry to:                          During her heyday, Betty Boop, with her large round baby face,
                                                           big eyes, Jazz Age flapper hair and high heels, was a popular car-
   Super Floral                                            toon character, and her appeal continues today. Leilani Quinata,
   3300 S.W. Van Buren                                     floral general merchandise clerk (GMC) at the store, and her team
   Topeka, KS 66611                                        of fellow floral GMCs decided the flirty, glamorous star would be
   The Grand Award winner receives a beautiful vase        the perfect icon to create the effect they wanted.
as well as airfare and hotel accommodations in Chicago
during IFE in June. The four Honor Award winners receive      “We wanted to do something witty,” Leilani recalls. “We wanted
miniature vases and recognition in the magazine.           to do something different, something nobody’s seen before.”

                                                           charming betty
                                                              Leilani and her team accomplished that goal with their exciting
                                                           display, which featured signage, posters and oversized cutouts of
                                                           Betty in a variety of poses. The incarnations included patriotic
                                                           Betty, Cinderella Betty, cleaning lady Betty and car-hop Betty.

                                                              The signage also sported photos and drawings of high heels.
                                                           One sign read, “Girls, keep your head, heels and standards high,” a
                                                           quote attributed to Coco Chanel.

                                                              The Betty Boop signage, posters and cutouts were interspersed
                                                           throughout the huge Valentine selection, which also included a
                                                           children’s section of items $10 and less. Customers especially loved
                                                           arrangements tucked into glittery high-heeled shoes. “We sold a
                                                           lot of those,” Leilani describes. “They were so cute and matched
                                                           the theme.”

                                                           meeting every need
                                                              The display also offered a large mixture of cross-merchandised
                                                           items, from baked goods and candy to giftware and wine. It was
                                                           important to the team that they provide everything customers
                                                           would want for Valentine’s Day, Leilani explains, and they also
                                                           wanted to make shopping easy for last-minute buyers. “When you
                                                           walked in the door, you could see everything you could possibly
                                                           need,” she shares.

                                                              The team used Betty to draw customers to the cross-merchan-
                                                           dised items. For example, a poster of Betty holding bottles of
                                                           Coca-Cola reminded shoppers to pick up the soft drink, and an-
                                                           other sign near the baked goods showed her holding a cupcake.

                                                           wowing customers
                                                              The display took about three months to plan and execute, but
                                                           the time involved was worth it, Leilani shares. “It’s really important
                                                           to us to wow the customers every holiday,” she explains. They did
                                                           just that, with shoppers taking photos with Betty and remarking
                                                           about all the fun touches. “They loved it!” Leilani declares. sf

                                                           Reach Editor in Chief Cynthia L. McGowan at or
                                                           (800) 355-8086.

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