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seeing green after a rough winter
                                                                                       This year’s winter in the Boston, Mass., area was brutal—the
                                                                                    city recorded a record-breaking 108.6 inches of snow for the
                                                                                    season. So when it came time to plan a promotion for St. Patrick’s
                                                                                    Day, Janet Markowicz and Caitlin Roche of Roche Bros. decided
                                                                                    to use their display to bring some much-needed cheer to their
                                                                                    winter-weary patrons.

                                                                                       “We, along with our customers, were in need of a burst of
                                                                                    sunshine and some spring fever,” Janet recalls. “So we went big for
                                                                                    St. Patrick’s Day.”

                                                                                       Janet, floral manager at the Millis, Mass., location, and Caitlin,
                                                                                    floral manager at the Westborough, Mass., store—both Boston
                                                                                    suburbs—teamed up to create a bright, colorful display that
                                                                                    delighted shoppers of all ages. Situated at the entrance to Janet’s
                                                                                    store, the focal point was a giant rainbow arch, complete with
                                                                                    climbing balloon leprechauns, balloon clouds and a pot of gold
                                                                                    featuring yellow daffodils. The effect was an explosion of color as
                                                                                    shoppers entered the floral department.

                                                                                    working together
                                                                                       Janet and Caitlin began work on the display about two weeks
                                                                                    before St. Patrick’s Day. Janet had planned to build a balloon arch,
                                                                                    and Caitlin wanted to learn how, so they worked together on the
                                                                                    Millis display. The impressive arch featured more than 90 balloons
                                                                                    as well as charming leprechauns that appeared to be playing on
                                                                                    the rainbow and sliding toward the pot of gold.

                                                                                       To create the stunning pot of gold, Janet and Caitlin wrapped
                                                                                    a display table with bouquet boxes that were spray-painted black.
                                                                                    They added gold metallic shred, nestled the daffodils inside the
                                                                                    pot and placed Oxalis (shamrock) plants at the base.

                                                                                       Janet purchased leprechaun hat cutouts from a discount store
                                                                                    and used them as the signage. She also placed the hats in other
                                                                                    departments, ensuring a coordinated look for the store.

(this page, above) This St. Patrick’s Day display at Roche Bros. in Millis, Mass.,  coordinating products
delighted shoppers with its rainbow balloon arch, climbing leprechauns and a           The products all served to enhance the theme. They included
pot of gold.                                                                        bouquets with Irish-themed names; adorable leprechaun mum
                                                                                    plants with green “hats” and cute faces; green carnations; bells-of-
(this page, top) Arden Börgen, founder and CEO of Börgen Systems, left, and         Ireland; and more.
Cynthia McGowan, editor in chief of Super Floral, right, congratulate Janet
Markowicz, center left, and Caitlin Roche, center right, at June’s International       Janet and Caitlin report that the display and products were a
Floriculture Expo in Chicago, Ill., where they were presented the Honor Award       hit with customers. “People were in awe,” Janet shares, and several
for Best Theme Development.                                                         took selfies with the arch. Even better, sales were up 10 percent
                                                                                    over the previous St. Patrick’s Day.
Photo: International Floriculture Expo/United Fresh Produce Association
                                                                                    the importance of themes
(opposite page, top) Coordinating leprechaun hat signage was both attractive           Both Janet and Caitlin are big believers in the power of a
and informative.                                                                    themed display to capture sales. Janet shares, “When they see
                                                                                    something like [the rainbow display], they’re more enticed to
(opposite page, bottom) Leprechaun mum plants contributed to the display’s          check out what we have. It increases the impulse.”
whimsical feel.
                                                                                       Caitlin agrees, “If there’s a themed display, they’re more likely to
                                                                                    come over and look, and they’re more likely to buy.”

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