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enter your displays!                                         an around-the-world tour
   Do you want to win a trip to the next                        Hy-Vee has a huge rose sale every year, with the company’s
International Floriculture Expo (IFE) in                     floral departments selling thousands of the beautiful blooms. For
Chicago as well as earn the recognition of                   the 2014 sale, Floral Manager Beth Hennessy and her team at the
your peers? Make sure to enter the 2016                      Hy-Vee Oakland Road Floral Shop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, decid-
“Merchandising Award of Excellence”                          ed they wanted to inform their customers about where their roses
contest, sponsored by Super Floral and                       come from by taking them on an imaginative around-the-world
Börgen Systems. We make it easy for you—just take            tour of rose production.
photos of your best merchandising displays, write a short
description of what you did and mail your entry to:             “We wanted to educate customers,” Beth shares. “So many times
                                                             they don’t know how their flowers are grown; they don’t under-
   Super Floral                                              stand what it takes to get a rose here.”
   3300 S.W. Van Buren
   Topeka, KS 66611                                             To fill that knowledge gap, Beth and the team mapped out a
   The Grand Award winner receives the crystal Orrefors      whirlwind tour with stops in Colombia, Holland, Egypt, Paris and
Börgen Cup as well as airfare and hotel accommodations       Miami, Fla. The props included icons from each area, including a
in Chicago during IFE in June. The Honor Award winners       miniature rose farm, a windmill, a pyramid and camel, the Eiffel
receive a miniature crystal Orrefors Börgen Cup and recog-   tower and palm trees.
nition in the magazine. We’ll have more details on entering
the contest in our October issue.                               Throughout the display, attractive banners and signage made
                                                             from road maps identified the regions and products. There were
                                                             even wooden signposts that gave the mileage distance between the
                                                             featured areas. The display generated conversations with shoppers,
                                                             both adults and children, about rose production.

                                                             a team effort
                                                                Beth is quick to credit designers Kristen Burnett and Merc
                                                             Hayes for their roles in making the display a success. Kristen built
                                                             the signposts after researching the distances online, and she also
                                                             designed the map-based signage by taking pages from an old atlas.

                                                                Merc created and painted the attention-getting props. She also
                                                             made large black signs with each region’s name professionally writ-
                                                             ten in a large white font, ensuring they drew attention and were
                                                             easy to read.

                                                             rose success
                                                                The display made sure to keep the spotlight on the main attrac-
                                                             tion—the hundreds of roses available for sale. They were sold as
                                                             singles, dozens, mixed bouquets, vased arrangements and potted.
                                                             Beth also included coordinating items from other departments,
                                                             such as citrus items in the Miami area, freshly baked bread in Paris,
                                                             ethnic foods in Egypt and strudel in Holland.

                                                                Beth reports sales were strong, especially of bouquets and
                                                             bunches. The eye-catching display helped draw people in, and as
                                                             they checked out each area, they picked up roses to purchase.

                                                             signage’s role
                                                                Effective signage is crucial to the success of floral displays, Beth
                                                             remarks; it’s so important that she plans the signage first when
                                                             creating a new promotion. She and her team discuss what their
                                                             goal is and what they want the signage to convey, including price
                                                             points and product information. “Signage,” she reminds, “plays a
                                                             huge part of the story of your display.” sf

                                                             Reach Editor in Chief Cynthia L. McGowan at or
                                                             (800) 355-8086.

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