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A standard of                                                          photos: Gelson’s

excellence at                                                          Floral enhances this
                                                                       upscale grocer’s reputation
Gelson’s                                                               for service and quality.
                                                                       by cynthia l. mcgowan

   Gelson’s, an 18-store gourmet supermarket chain in Southern            Flowers get even more exposure during holidays, with the de-
California, strives to provide a superb customer experience in         partments placing tables of seasonal arrangements near the stores’
every department. For floral, that means offering exceptional          doors for shoppers to grab and go. “When customers come in, they
design, freshness and service, delivered by highly skilled, profes-    cannot miss the flowers,” Alice comments.
sional florists who are passionate about their work.
                                                                                               We set ourselves apart
   “We have very high standards at our company,” confirms Floral                               with our service.
Director Alice Grazziani. “We set ourselves apart with our service.”
                                                                                                          alice grazziani
   That standard of excellence carries throughout the upscale
stores, with shoppers treated to a full array of high-quality depart-                          floral director, gelson’s
ments. The customer-pleasing amenities include exceptional meat,
seafood and deli departments; superior produce; large selections of    fresh appeal
wine and liquor; delectable pastries; and much more. “It’s all about
quality,” Alice expresses.                                                The departments also make sure that their flowers are at the
                                                                       peak of freshness. The floral operation receives deliveries nearly
“impactful, amazing and colorful”                                      every day, ensuring a fresh supply, and most come from California
                                                                       growers. “We have everything here in our backyard,” Alice com-
   Gorgeous floral departments set the tone for that superior cus-     ments. “We have some of the best growers right here in California.”
tomer experience. Many of the departments are near the entrance
and feature mass displays of flowers that are designed to capture         The staff inspects the departments daily to confirm all products
customers’ attention and spark impulse sales. “We have to grab         are fresh, culling any that are past their prime. “We’re known for
shoppers at the door,” Alice explains. “Displays have to be impact-    our fresh flowers,” Alice comments, and the floral team’s efforts
ful, amazing and colorful.”                                            ensure customers get the long-lasting flowers they expect.

   The goal, she shares, is to “captivate them with flowers,” and         California’s recent drought has made Gelson’s more cognizant of
that’s why the departments always have huge displays of seasonal       its water use, and the florists make sure they aren’t wasting resourc-
products that are grouped by color. Sunflowers are a signature item    es. “As a company, we’re being very water wise,” Alice explains,
for the departments, which often wow customers with as many as         including exploring options for recycling water and making certain
15 cases of the golden beauties. The departments’ double-spike         flowers are merchandised in the most environmentally friendly
Phalaenopsis orchid plants, another signature item, also attract at-   way possible.
tention. “Some stores will carry 100 orchids,” Alice shares.

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