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‘Chiquita’                                     cutting, place the flowers into a hydration    gerbera types
                                               solution for two to four hours, then into a
Terra Nigra                                    low-dose nutrient solution (if you’re going    n There are five standard types of Ger-
                                               to continue to store them) or a full-dose      bera flowers plus new specialty hybrids:
BOTANICAL NAME                                 nutrient solution (if you are going to
Gerbera jamesonii                              arrange them soon). Prepare these solutions     • Singles – one row of nonoverlapping
(GUR-bur-uh jaym-SO-nee-eye)                   with nonfluoridated water, if possible,        petals (ray florets), usually with a green
                                               because fluoride can cause petal tip burn in   center (disc florets)
COMMON NAMES                                   some varieties.
Transvaal daisy, Barberton daisy,              b. Specialty Treatment Ask your whole-          • Doubles (Duplex) – two rows of
African daisy, Veldt daisy                     saler about Gerbera-specific treatments        overlapping petals, with a green or
                                               such as Chrysal’s CVBN Gerbera Treat-          dark center
COLORS                                         ment or Floralife’s PRG 100 Rose and
Gerberas are available in virtually every hue  Gerbera Treatment.                              • Crested doubles – two rows of
imaginable except for true greens, blues,      STORAGE CONTAINERS With flowers that are       overlapping petals, with one or more
blue-greens and blue-violets. Striking         shipped to your facilities in water, place     inner rows of shorter petals (trans flo-
bicolors also are available. The centers can   them into storage containers just like all     rets), and a green or dark center
be yellow, green, brown, black or dark red/    other flowers. However, if the flowers were
red-violet.                                    shipped dry, suspend the flower heads over      • Full crested doubles – solid
                                               the opening of the storage containers so       overlapping rows of petals, with inner
VASE LIFE                                      that their stems dangle into the flower-food   rows of shorter petals that cover the
   Cut Gerberas last from four to 14 days at   solution without touching the bottom of        center entirely
                                               the containers. You can use the shipping
the consumer level, depending on variety,      trays, which have holes in them, to suspend     • Quilled crested doubles (Spider)–
care, environmental conditions and stage of    the flowers over the containers.               overlapping rows of spike-shaped
maturity at the time of sale. Some breeders                                                   petals, with one or more inner rows
report that select new varieties last as long     Gerberas tend to do better in shallow       of shorter petals, and a green or
as 18 days.                                    water in storage containers.                   dark center
                                               REFRIGERATION After processing Gerberas,
AVAILABILITY                                   immediately place them into a floral refrig-    • Specialty hybrids – This category
   Gerberas are available year-round from      erator at 33 F to 35 F, and allow them to      includes Gerrondo and Pomponi “cush-
                                               hydrate for at least two hours before selling  ion”-type Gerberas and the wild ‘Pasta’
domestic and international growers.            or arranging them. Except for design time,     series “feather”-petaled varieties.
                                               keep these flowers refrigerated until they’re  n Gerberas are available in three sizes:
vase-life extenders                            sold or delivered. It has been a widely
                                               held belief that some varieties of Gerberas     • Miniature – 2 to 3 inches in diameter
IMMEDIATE ATTENTION Unpack Gerberas            are chill sensitive, but that has never been    • Standard – 3 to 5 inches in diameter
immediately upon their arrival, and check      scientifically substantiated.                   • Giant – 5 to 6 inches in diameter
flower quality. If you cannot process these    CARE EXTRA Change the flower-food solu-        n Gerbera stems are naturally leafless;
flowers right away, place the flower boxes     tion and clean the storage containers every    however, breeders have developed
in a floral cooler until you can get to them.  day because Gerberas are particularly sus-     hybrids that have short, spike-shaped
STEM CUTTING Cut off at least 1 inch from      ceptible to stem clogging by bacteria-con-     leaves (e.g., Gerfolia series).
each stem with a sharp knife to remove         taminated water.
dried out ends as well as dirt, debris and     ETHYLENE SENSITIVITY Gerberas are not affect-  challenges
bacteria that may have accumulated in          ed by exposure to ethylene gas.
the vessels.                                                                                  n CONKING Some varieties of cut Gerber-
                                                                                              as tend to “conk,” which is the folding
HYDRATION AND NUTRITION                                                                       or collapsing of the stems 4 to 6 inches
a. Standard Procedure Immediately after                                                       below the blooms. Placing the stems
                                                                                              inside Gerbera sleeves or straws or
                                                                                              wiring the stems with special Gerbera
                                                                                              support wires can help prevent conking.

                                                                                              n STEM BENDING Gerberas often have
                                                                                              curved stems, which is primarily a
                                                                                              response to the forces of gravity
                                                                                              (geotropism). This often can be min-
                                                                                              imized by suspending flower heads
                                                                                              through a mesh support atop their stor-
                                                                                              age containers (see “Vase-life Extend-
                                                                                              ers: Storage Containers,” left, above); by
                                                                                              storing them at the proper temperature
                                                                                              (33 F to 35 F); and by placing the stems
                                                                                              inside Gerbera sleeves or straws or
                                                                                              wiring the stems with special Gerbera
                                                                                              support wires.

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