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for the education of store-level employees.
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ornamental kale “Current Issue.”

cabbagelike heads of usually colorful kale immediately, and check quality.
leaves that can be either flat (especially Remove any sleeves and stem bindings, as
collards) or curly, frilly, ruffly or wavy. Leaf well as any leaves that would be under
edges of some varieties (e.g., ‘Giraffe’, water in storage containers. Because these
‘Bright Wine’) are deeply serrated, giving a flowers are usually field grown, rinse stem
fringed parsleylike appearance. Stems are ends under cool running water.
thick, sturdy and unbranched. STEM CUTTING Cut the stems on an angle
COLORS with a sharp, sterile blade, removing at
Ornamental kale leaves are generally least 1 inch of stem.
bicolored or tricolored, usually green in HYDRATION AND NUTRITION Immediately
combination with one or two other hues after cutting, dip or place stem ends into a
Brassica oleracea acephala including white, cream, lavender, purple, hydration solution, which will improve
Ornamental kale red-violet, red, rose, pink and/or yellow. water uptake, then into storage containers
Photo: Ocean View Flowers
VASE LIFE partially filled with properly proportioned
BOTANICAL NAME Longevity typically ranges from about five flower-food solution.
Brassica oleracea acephala to seven days, depending on variety, matu- REFRIGERATION After processing ornamen-
(Acephala Group) rity at the time of sale, care from farm to tal kale, immediately place it into a floral
(BRASS-i-kuh, oh-ler-AY-see-uh, florist and environmental conditions at refrigerator at 33 F to 36 F, and allow them
ay-SEF-uh-luh ) the consumer level. to hydrate for at least two hours before
COMMON NAMES AVAILABILITY selling or arranging them. Except for
Kale, Ornamental kale, Decorative kale, Ornamental kale is generally obtainable design time, keep these flowers refrigerat-
Flowering kale, Flowering cabbage, Cow from around February through December, ed until sold or delivered.
cabbage, Collards (collard greens), Cole, but availability varies by cultivar. ETHYLENE SENSITIVITY Ornamental kale is
Colewort, Borecole not sensitive to ethylene gas; however,
DESCRIPTION vase-life extenders always take precautions to reduce ethyl-
These decorative botanicals have loose IMMEDIATE ATTENTION Unpack ornamental ene levels in all your facilities.

Photo: The Sun Valley Group
Do you need a quick and easy reference for information purchasing checklist

about other cut flowers and blooming plants? n Look for heads that are compact and
symmetrically shaped.
Flower and plant care information right at your fingertips! Each a
5.5” x 6.5” flip chart, our Flower Flip spotlights 50 of the most n Choose only heads that have brightly
popular flower types, and our Plant Flip features 25 favorite colored leaves; dull coloring can be a sign
blooming plants and the top 25 foliage plants. Included are care of poor quality or inferior varieties.
instructions; botanical and common names; descriptions; and
more—all in an easy-to-use flip-chart format specially designed for n Check leaves for pest or physical damage
your sales counter, phone desk or wherever you need to access (leaves should be soft yet brittle, and they
information quickly. FRFB1010 and FRPF0412. $12.95 for each.
can sustain damage during shipping). Also
look for disease-related yellowing.
Order Online - To order, visit and click on “Bookstore,” or call (800) 355-8086.
(To discuss quantity purchases and pricing, ask for Mary Lou Clark, ext. 12.) n Make sure stems are sturdy and straight.

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