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6 perspective
Halloween magic
8 calendar
Planning tips for the next six weeks
10 industry talk
Halloween hype
12 hot options
Spooky soarers
14 design of the month
Evil eye
16 workbench basics
Creepy candelabrum
18 cut flower of the month
Ornamental kale
20 blooming plant of the month
38 around the industry
Committed to providing information and 40 new products
strategies to help sell more product, 41 classifieds
enhance business efficiency and
41 ad index/editorial source guide
increase profits for supermarket
42 influencing with ease
and mass-market florists. Word perfect, part 2
september ’13 vol. 26 • no. 9


22 Floral partnership
Sunset Foods creates growth opportunities with the
acquisition of a local florist.
26 South America update
Trade efficiencies and tariff concerns affect flower imports
from Colombia and Ecuador.
29 International flower show
Proflora 2013 will host buyers from 45 countries and will
showcase cut flowers, floral goods and related services.
34 31 Floral excitement at Fresh Summit
A new Floral Pavilion and multiple networking opportunities
await attendees at PMA’s October event in New Orleans.
34 2013 Honor Award winners
Recipients are recognized for their color expertise and
eye-catching signage.
36 Six months out: Time to order
Help customers celebrate the holiday with bunnies,
eggs and a pastel palette.
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