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old-fashioned sentiments
Accessorize arrangements to appeal to modern consumers’ vintage interests.

Crocheted doilies are affordable finds, whether vintage or new, and they add homespun charm to floral designs. Here, a simple grouping of Gerberas is enhanced with two doilies, one of which is secured to the vase with spray adhesive. The smaller crocheted craft covers a papier-mâché heart that is attached to a wood pick and lovingly inserted among the blossoms.

MATERIALS: Gerberas from Ever-Bloom; Bouquet Vase from Syndicate Sales; crocheted doilies from antiques store.

How to

Spray adhesive onto the backsides of two doilies.
Apply one doily to the exterior of a vase.
Adhere the other doily to a cardboard or papier-mâché heart; trim the edges of this doily to fit.



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