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March 2012  vol. 25 no. 3

Committed to providing information and strategies to help sell more product, enhance business efficiency, and increase profits for supermarket and mass-market florists.

Farm grown
Sickles Market cultivates its deep roots in the community while setting trends in floral and the garden center.

How does the garden grow?
According to trend watchers, 2012’s gardens will grow with high-tech tools, instantly vibrant colors and environmentally aware options.

Showcase your products with the right equipment
See the merchandisers that will make your floral stars shine.


Hands-on sales

Planning tips for the next six weeks

industry talk
Reaching office workers

hot options
Tangerine Tango

design of the month
Lots of pots for pros

workbench basics
Patterns at play

cut flower of the month

blooming plant of the month

“merchandising award of excellence” entry form

around the industry

new products


ad index / editorial source guide

success strategies
Executive marketing








March 2012

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