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New poinsettias for 2011

Check out breeders’ hot varieties to get a head start on next season.
  by Cynthia L. McGowan

     As you sell this year’s selection of poinsettias, pay close attention to what customers are favoring. Does red continue to dominate? Do they want big, showy plants, or are smaller varieties the trend in your area? By taking note of consumer preferences this year, you’ll be in a better position for ordering for next season. And to help you with that, we asked breeders to show us their new selections of poinsettias for next fall and Christmas. Take a look at the varieties that they predict will delight consumers in 2011.

poinsettia care

LIGHT Poinsettias require at least six hours of bright indirect (diffused) sunlight every day.

WATER These plants require moderately moist soil at all times. When the soil surface is dry to the touch, water them thoroughly, saturating the soil completely, then allow them to drain; do not allow pots to sit in water. Water plants immediately if leaves/bracts begin to wilt.

TEMPERATURE Average room temperatures (60 F to 70 F) are required—65 F to 70 F during the daytime and 60 F to 65 F at night. Cool conditions prolong bloom time. Never expose plants to temperatures above 70 F or below 50 F for extended periods.

HUMIDITY Poinsettias thrive in humid air, so in dry interior environments, place pots on a pebble tray, mist leaves frequently or place a humidifier in the room. Keep plants away from hot and cold drafts as well as the heat and dry air emitted by appliances, fireplaces or ventilating ducts.

FERTILIZER Plant food is not necessary while poinsettias are in bloom although plants purchased early in the season can benefit from a high-phosphorous fertilizer applied every two weeks. 

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Add value to your poinsettia orders with the free Poinsettia Care and Getting Poinsettias to Rebloom downloadable tags we’ve created for you to give to your customers.


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