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april 2009  vol. 22 • no. 4

Committed to providing information and strategies to help sell more product, enhance business efficiency, and increase profits for supermarket and mass-market florists.

Full-service florals
Inserra Supermarkets Inc. makes a connection with customers thanks to high-quality products and excellent service.

Wedding plans
A look at the latest trends in wedding flowers, fashion and spending.

The latest styles in lilies
Check out 22 of the newest varieties of these blooming beauties.

California and Florida
These two important states continue to lead the way in domestically produced floriculture crops.

Blooming plant basics
The most important things you should know about 35 best-selling indoor flowering plants. Then share the information with your customers.

Don’t miss the deadline
Enter the “Merchandising Award of Excellence” contest by April 30.

“Merchandising Award of Excellence” entry form


Six months out: Time to order
Create a fun display that helps customers put aside their real-life scares.

April 2009

Look, touch and sell

Merchandising ideas and planning tips

industry talk
We do weddings!

merchandising merit
Berry retro

hot options
Planted with mom in mind

design of the month
Lilies for mom

workbench basics
Ribbon-wrapped stems

cut flower of the month

blooming plant of the month

new products

bulletin board


ad index/editorial source guide

critical mass
The home field

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