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designing with rope                                                     Rope from

rope pavé                                                       modern macramé

A bundle of wired sisal rope — “held”                           The popular ‘70s fad is back accenting
together by woven yarn — encases a                              plant containers. Now, however, the
simple pavé-style arrangement.                                  style includes few and simple knots
                                                                tied from natural rope and excludes
how to                                                          the requisite beading from yesteryear.

                                            Taking a skein      how to
                                            of wired sisal
                                            rope already                                                    Tie eight lengths
                                            wound in sever-                                                 of sisal rope
                                            al loops, artfully                                              together at one
                                            weave heavy                                                     end to form a
                                            yarn to hold                                                    base knot. After
                                            the form of the                                                 estimating what
                                            wired rope.                                                     size your contain-
                                            Place rope                                                      er is, create four
                                            armature over a                                                 knots near the
                                            shallow contain-                                                base by tying
er filled with floral foam. Arrange florals into the                                                        two strands of
foam among the yarn and rope to accentuate,                                                                 rope together.
rather than hide, the structure.                                Next, join two strands together from each of two
MATERIALS: Sisal Wire Rope and Sisal Fiber (Natural)            neighboring knots to form four more knots before
from Harvest Import; ‘Green Ball’ Dianthuses                    tying a final knot at the other end of the rope.
from Ball SB; spray roses, carnations and Hy-                   Place a planter into the formation, and hang.
pericum from Continental Flowers; Oasis Floral                  MATERIALS: Sisal Rope (Natural) from Harvest Import;
Foam Maxlife from Smithers-Oasis North Amer-                    succulents from Micky’s Minis; 4.5” ECOssentials
ica; heavy yarn and container from suppliers of                 Cube (Natural) from Smithers-Oasis North Ameri-
your choice.                                                    ca; sheet moss from supplier of your choice.

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