Page 9 - 2014 American Floral Trends
P. 9
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h. Dahlias and a support-
ing mass of exotic fo-
liages overflow a rustic
milk can. Dahlias, Hy-
drangeas and additional
foliages spill from within
Napco’s pot cover.

Photo by Dave Strydom h

floral materials

Dahlias Proteas
Zinnias fig leaves
Gerberas Celosias
succulents Amaranthuses
artichokes Eucalyptus

colors The colors
of fresh fall produce, espe-
cially beet, pomegranate
and fig, are the mainstays
while cascading teal tones,
from emerald to grayed i i. “A “planted” garden caged with a wire cloche.
jade, enliven and refresh.
j. Hanging earth-stars (Cryptanthus).
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