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Dendranthema x grandiflorum (den-DRAN-the-ma grand-i-FLOR-um) syn. Chrysanthemum x morifolium (kris-AN-the-mum mor-i-FOL-i-um)

Chrysanthemum, Mum, Florist mum

Potted chrysanthemums display composite heads of ray and disk flowers on the ends of leafy stems. The most common bloom forms for pot mums are anemone, daisy, decorative, spider and spoon-tipped.

Mums are available in hues of yellow, white, purple, lavender, bronze, orange, red, green and bicolors.

Potted mums can last for three weeks or longer, depending on the variety and the care they receive. The flowers should be 25 percent to 50 percent open when they are sold; tighter flowers may not open when consumers get them home.

Mums are available year-round.

Breeders introduce new varieties of this favorite blooming plant every year. The photos on this page are of new potted mums introduced by Yoder Brothers, Inc. this year.

in-store and consumer care
LIGHT Display mums in medium light, which is light that is comfortable for reading but not as bright as direct sunlight.
WATER Check mums daily to ensure that the potting medium remains moist to the touch. Underwatering can result in wilted leaves.
TEMPERATURE Maintain moderate temperatures (60 F to 70 F). Temperatures that are too high can shorten the flowering period.
HUMIDITY Mist the leaves occasionally.
FERTILIZER Fertilize Liatrises during their growing season, stopping when the blossoms are set.
GROOMING Remove yellow leaves and damaged buds daily.
REPLANTING When the plants have finished blooming, they can be moved to the garden, where they can bloom again for years and will attract birds and butterflies. They may need to be staked.

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Photos courtesy of Yoder Brothers, Inc.


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