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thanksgiving tablescape

A variety of coordinating elements helps customers create trendy composite centerpieces.

     “Tablescaping” is a popular way to blend multiple small centerpieces with a variety of decorative elements to create a pleasing and cohesive look on a dining table. Have several coordinating arrangements in varying sizes, as well as a broad selection of seasonal accessories, on hand so shoppers can customize their centerpieces to suit.

MATERIALS: miniature Gerberas, spray and disbud chrysanthemums, carnations, cockscomb (Celosia), Solidaster, Hypericum and croton leaves from favorite suppliers; 8-inch Rectangular Votives from Syndicate Sales; turkeys from RAZ Imports.

Place croton leaves, with their front sides facing down, across the top of the rectangular container in overlapping fashion. Alternate the directions of the stems.

Lay two croton leaves, also with their front sides facing down, perpendicularly atop the already-placed leaves.

Place a saturated block of floral foam on top of the leaves, and press the foam into the container, securing the leaves in place.


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