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Plentiful possibilities

Cornucopias offer sales opportunities not just for Thanksgiving but throughout autumn.

A multitude of woven cornucopia baskets offers a wealth of possibilities for dressing up customers’ homes for fall or Thanksgiving. Not only can these iconic containers hold all manner of ingredients—from fresh flowers and produce to potted plants—they easily can be adapted from tabletop to wall applications. Consider these three options to offer this holiday season.

Fruits of the season
When one thinks of the traditional cornucopia, an image such as this immediately comes to mind, a basket burgeoning with fall fruits and vegetables as a clear symbol of the harvest season. This is a great way to take advantage of your store’s abundant produce section, incorporating your choice of ingredients, and to offer a lovely table centerpiece.

Place a block of floral foam in the square opening of the cornucopia basket, in the plastic liner. Insert wood picks into assorted fruits and vegetables, such as mushrooms, apples, limes and half-ears of corn. Pick the fruits and vegetables into the floral foam, and drape clusters of grapes among the group.

MATERIALS: 12” Twiggy Vine Cornucopia from FTD Group, Inc.; OasisÆ Floral Foam from Smithers-Oasis; wood picks from W.J. Cowee; fruits and vegetables from produce department.



Floral abundance
A pleasing mound of roses, miniature sunflowers and spray chrysanthemums will inject a sunny autumn aura into any home or celebration. The lighter hues, which pair nicely with pastel bands on this woven cornucopia, remain fall-appropriate in this orange palette, which is accented by Hypericum berries and seeded Eucalyptus leaves.

HOW TO: Cut a square of floral foam to fit the plastic tray in the cornucopia. Soak the floral foam in fresh-flower-food solution and secure it into the plastic tray. Arrange the flowers into the floral foam.

MATERIALS: Autumn Cornucopia with Tray from The John Henry Company; Oasis Floral Foam from Smithers-Oasis; roses, miniature sunflowers, spray chrysanthemums, Hypericum and seeded Eucalyptus leaves from favorite suppliers.



Cone garden
This twist on the traditional cornucopia turns the basket on its end to create a striking wall adornment and a fun addition to your department’s dish-garden offerings. An ornamental pepper plant spices up this collection of variegated foliages. And since it features potted plants, this cornucopia is a long-lasting option for fall and Thanksgiving festivities.

HOW TO: Insert the plastic pot-shaped liner into the cornucopia, and fill it partially with potting soil. Plant the foliage plants into the container, with spiky Dracaena marginata as a focal point. Wire dried quince slices to wood picks, and insert the picks into the soil as accents.

MATERIALS: Cornucopia Basket from burton + BURTON; dried quince slices from Knud Nielsen Company; wood picks from W.J. Cowee; assorted plants and potting soil from favorite suppliers.

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