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november 2008  vol.21 • no.11

Committed to providing information and strategies to help sell more product, enhance business efficiency, and increase profits for supermarket and mass-market florists.

Meet FTD's new owner
A conversation with Mark Goldston.


Breaking new ground at terrain

Urban Outfitters expands its reach to the garden center, with stunning results.

Bouquet showcase
See the designs that wowed buyers at The Super Floral Show.

Top 10 gardening trends for 2009
A desire to go green and reconnect with nature will shape outdoor sales for next year, forecaster says.

In the (plant) zone
Discover which bedding plants are right for your area, and become your customers’ expert on what will make their gardens grow best.

Cross-merchandising: A team effort
Floral managers tell how you can benefit customers, your department and your entire store.

Get personal with high-tech
The latest technology can help tailor your business to customers’ needs.

Six months out: Time to order
Bird-themed gifts will convey customers' Mother's Day sentiments in a trendy way.

November 2008

Retail Therapy

Merchandising ideas and planning tips

industry talk
Christmas greens

merchandising merit
A display that works

hot options
Seasonal deer

cut flower of the month

blooming plant of the month
Jerusalem cherry

foliage plant of the month
Tree ivy

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critical mass
A natural combination

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