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Super Floral Retailing
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David L. Coake, Editorial Director
Cynthia L. McGowan, Editor-in-Chief
Amy Bauer, Associate Editor
James Miller, AIFD, Visual Editor
Monica Humbard, Contributing Editor  
Shelley Urban, Contributing Editor  
Pamela J. Smith, AAF, PFCI, Columnist  
Steven W. Brown, AIFD, Columnist  
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John Collins, Art Director


Lisa Strydom, Advertising Sales Director
Sheila Simmons, Account Executive
Charlotte Pittman, AIFD,
Classified Advertising Account Executive
Teresa Booher, Advertising Coordinator
Circulation:  (can be contacted at 800-367-4708)


Kim Tjelmeland, Customer Service Representative
Florists' Review Enterprises, Inc.


Frances Dudley, President
Talmage McLaurin, AIFD, Publisher
Darin Osterhaus, Director of Finance / Operations

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