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Twinkling white arch draws shoppers to holiday poinsettia displays.

How do you compete with the holiday hype? At no time more than Christmas do you need a little something extra to stand out in a crowd, especially when it comes to poinsettia displays. At Christmastime, this blooming plant favorite entices shoppers from a variety of shopping venues, so you need extra sparkle to encourage purchases from your displays.

Last holiday season, Sue Jordan, floral manager at Schnucks in University City, Mo., purchased a lighted arch that she used for the first time in her Santa/snowman poinsettia display. Nearby, she tied in an additional poinsettia display with a similar snowman motif.
Not only did the displays succeed in selling all the poinsettias Ms. Jordan had ordered for the holidays but she also had to order extra poinsettias to keep up with the demand.

Ms. Jordan gives most of the credit to the attraction of the twinkling lights on her white arch, which was trimmed with red bows. She entered the displays in the 2005 “Merchandising Award of Excellence” contest, sponsored by Super Floral Retailing and Börgen Systems.

The color availability of poinsettias has expanded in recent years, which appeals to Ms. Jordan’s preference toward using a variety of colors in her displays. During the holidays, she usually merchandises three or four colors of poinsettias in three sizes. She filled these particular displays with 4- and 6-inch poinsettias.

When it comes to her displays, Ms. Jordan embraces change. She believes customers will get bored if they see the same thing every time they visit the floral department. Therefore, she changes displays often, every week if possible. If a display isn’t selling, Ms. Jordan moves it elsewhere in the department. “It makes [customers] look at things in a new way,” she says.

Although Ms. Jordan left these holiday displays up for two weeks, she was constantly changing them because the product sold out so quickly.

The display next to the arch display contained a variety of snowman-themed gift items, and snowman balloons floated overhead. Ms. Jordan says this display not only stimulated poinsettia sales but snowman purchases as well.

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