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stripy chic

Tape, in a range of bright hues, forms a grid that is both decorative and functional.

     Square containers are hip and affordable, so they’re great gift options for the younger crowd, including for graduation. And they can be repurposed for corralling small items in dorm rooms later. But stylish teens require more pizzazz than plain glass, so a colorful enhancement, such as the playfully hued electrical tape used here, is required. Choose tapes in school colors or to match the seasons, and vary the pattern a bit by overlapping a few strips of tape.

     In addition to its decorative value, the tape, which is adhered around and over the top of the vessel, also serves as a support structure for the collection of blossoms. Flowers are simply arranged through the center of the grid.

MATERIALS: Freesias, Gerberas, pincushions (Leucospermums) and electrical tape from favorite suppliers; Square Vase from Syndicate Sales, Inc.

how to:

Apply lengths of various colors of electrical tape to the top, sides and bottom of the square container to create a grid across the top and stripes on the sides. Overlap some lengths of tape to create stripes of varying widths.


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