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                          From Growers, Breeders and

                          Distribution to Mass Market,

                         Social Media is the New Norm

               SUPER FLORAL / FEBRUARY 2018

                         There is no denying it: Social media is ingrained   We also examine how Instagram’s visual
                        deeply into our personal and business lives.   medium and rising popularity make it an
                        Many of us share our lives openly on social   important new resource for your business.
                        media, and as a result, we give marketing engines
                        tremendous amounts of information about      Finally, we explore social media etiquette.
                        ourselves and our businesses.              What are the appropriate number of times
                                                                   and images to post for your business? How
                         That information is then used by savvy    do you use social media in a way that garners
                        companies to target and market appropriate   your company respect?
                        products to us every day. How many times do
                        you for a product search on eBay or Amazon,   Personally, social media has become our
                        and then similar products start showing up   own little pubic relations engine. We post
                        mysteriously in your social media news feeds?  images about our fabulous vacations, adorable
                                                                   pets and funny children. We have opportunities
                         Of course, that’s the obvious connection, but   to comment on our friends’ and family’s posts,
                        there are more ways companies use social media.  as well, and get to know them better than if we
                                                                   didn’t have this digital connection.
                         Image-driven companies, like fl orists, farmers
                        and breeders, rely heavily on Instagram to show   It’s the same for businesses, but in addition,
                        beautiful images of their products, services and   we can use social media to market ourselves,
                        employees. Establishing them as smart, savvy   show our company’s personality and provide
                        businesspeople with an eye for aesthetics and   instant customer service when our customers
                        a wonderful corporate culture.             post about us.
                         Facebook allows companies to target custom-  From my perspective, it’s an exciting evolution-
                        ers right down to the city block, title, interest,   ary time for our industry. I hope you take advan-
                        age, etc., giving you unprecedented access to   tage of the opportunities social media gives you.
                        your customers or potential customers.     It will not only help your business but also help
                                                                   communicate to the rest of the world the amazing
                         Twitter allows companies to respond instantly   work our industry does every day to bring fl owers
                        to customer complaints or feedback. Standing   to consumers.
                        in line at an airline, I tweeted how unhappy I was
                        with that particular airline. Almost instantly, I was
                        with that particular airline. Almost instantly, I was
                        given a contact person to get me taken care of
                        and out of that line. Amazing!
                         In this issue, we explore the results of our
                        Super Floral social media survey and what it

                        means to people in our industry. How are you
                        using it? Where do you see its power for your
                        organization? Our hope is that you can learn from     TRAVIS RIGBY, PUBLISHER
                        your peers and leverage their success for yourself.  TRAVIS@SUPERFLORAL.COM
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