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Take photos of the merchandising displays you    // CONTENTS //
                                   create this winter and spring, and enter them in
                                   the 2018 “Merchandising Award of Excellence”               vol. 31, no. 2
                                   contest, sponsored by Super Floral and Syndicate
                                   Sales. See Page 25, or visit

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                                                                                04  Perspective                SUPER FLORAL / FEBRUARY 2018
                                                                                05  Contributors
                                                                                06  Merchandising Merit
                                                                                08  Trends
                                                                                09  Fresh Finds
                                                                                22  Cindy Hanauer
                                                                                30  Debra Prinzing
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                                                                                On the Cover
                                                                                Illustrations by Vecteezy, arranged
                                                                                and altered by the Super Floral team.
              34   Engineers Create Plants That Glow
                             Illumination from nanobionic plants might
                         one day replace some electrical lighting.

                     Flowers of Colombia,                             When Fire Strikes
              10     Diversity That Inspires!                   18    Farmers look to social media and digital tech-
                     Range of products and commitment ensure          nology for real-time updates during wildfires.
                     Asocolflores’ reputation in the floral industry.  Flower Instagram Power
                     PMA Hosts Forum                            24    Instagram images provide maximum
              12     to Address Floral                                impact for minimal effort.
                     Transportation Challenges                        What Businesspeople

                     How To Use Résumés in                     26     Need to Know About
              13     the Hiring Process                               Social Media Etiquette
                     Résumés have a purpose, but they are not         Building relationships successfully online
                     the only factor in a key employee search.        requires following rules, just like offline
                                                                      networking. Check out this advice from
              14     The Top 10 Tips to Lift                          an authority in international protocol.
                     Your Leadership
                     How to sharpen your managerial skills            Social Media Platforms –
                     for a more productive and happy 2018.     28     Floral Industry Fave
                                                                      Results of a new Super Floral survey
                     In the Line of Wildfire                          show that floral businesses looking
              16     Flower farmers fear for the future as            to harness the power of social media
                     wildfires become year-round threat.              are flocking to Facebook and Instagram.  3
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