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                  allowing them the autonomy    6. Be Willing to Get         8. Bond Through
                  they need to successfully complete   Your Hands Dirty      a Social Cause
                  the tasks (meaning don’t micro-
                  manage them). Also give them   The most successful leaders   To lead a team effectively, you
                  the authority to ask questions and   won’t ever ask a team member to   need to be a part of the team.
                  get help if needed. People will   do things that they aren’t willing   Start a new social cause as a team-
                  surprise you with their skill and   to do themselves. People, in    building activity, with you leading   SUPER FLORAL / FEBRUARY 2018
                  abilities when you give them    general, acquire much more    the way. To add even more lift to
                  opportunities and your trust.   respect for leaders who aren’t   your leadership, adopt a charity
                                                afraid to jump in to accomplish   to support within your local
                  4. Admit When You’re Wrong    any task needed. This doesn’t   community, and get away from
                                                mean you’re doing the work for   the office where you can get to
                    Everyone makes mistakes, and   them, but at those critical    know your team members on a
                  leaders are no different. When   moments when help is needed,   more personal level.
                  you make a mistake, be up front   your assistance could help
                  with your team. Your honesty and   motivate your team to reach –    9. Let Your Team
                  vulnerability will open a pathway   or even exceed – the goals set.  See You Learn
                  to better trust and communica-
                  tion. When you trust your team   7. Mentor Your              Leaders are learners. Let your
                  members with your mistakes, they   Team Members            team observe you reading a trade
                  will feel more valued and work                             publication, like Super Floral, or
                  with you to help correct mistakes   If you can help your staff to    a book, and encourage them to
                  – and this will ensure a lesson is   become more successful, the   do the same. You could also start
                  learned for everyone involved.   whole team will benefit. And    an optional book club focused on
                                                the more you invest into your   self-improvement and leadership
                  5. Show Appreciation          team members, the more they    books where you can discuss how
                                                will give in return. In addition,    those books have made an impact
                    When your team members do    as you lead by example in a    on you and how they helped
                  good work, let them know you   mentorship role, others will    change the way you lead.
                  noticed. Write thank-you notes,   follow your lead, creating a
                  give them gift cards and recognize   culture where current and    10. Keep Meetings as
                  them publicly. To make an even   upcoming leaders develop a    Short as Possible
                  bigger impression, send their   mind-set of helping others
                  spouses handwritten notes sharing   to succeed.              Everyone generally has a list
                  how important they were to the                             of tasks and duties that take up
                  team’s success.                                            their entire workday. Although
                                                                             necessary, meetings can be seen
                    Appreciation goes a long way,                            as disruptive and nonproductive,
                  and as you incorporate a                                   especially if little or nothing is
                  culture of gratitude, your                                 accomplished. Meetings should
                  staff will reciprocate                                     have a specific purpose and
                  with loyalty and                                           agenda that involves everyone in
                  jobs well done.                                            attendance. The more you respect
                                                                             the time of your team, the more
                                                                             they will respect you as a leader.
                                                                               Improving your capacity to
                                                                             lead is something that will take
                                                                             intentional effort, and these tips
                                                                             will help you focus on what
                                                                             matters most. You will be
                                                                             rewarded with enhanced loyalty
                                                                             and respect, and it will increase
                                                    everyone’s success. n             15
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