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                        TOP 10 TIPS TO LIFT                                        2. Make Tough Decisions

                                                                                    Your team may not like every
                        YOUR LEADERSHIP                                            decision you make, but don’t let
                                                                                   that scare you into not making
                                                                                   the right decisions, or worse, no
                                                                                   decisions at all. For any decision
                                                                                   you make, do your research, and
                        HOW TO SHARPEN                 Good leaders are hard to    get feedback from your team.
                                                                                   If you are able, explain your
                                                     find, and great leaders are
                        YOUR MANAGERIAL              even more elusive. Regardless    decisions diplomatically, and
                                                     of what segment of the floral   address the concerns. At the very
               SUPER FLORAL / FEBRUARY 2018
                        SKILLS FOR A MORE            industry you are in – retailer,   least, your team will feel informed
                                                     wholesaler, importer, grower    and be thankful the decision
                        PRODUCTIVE AND               or manufacturer – if you have a   wasn’t theirs to make.
                        HAPPY 2018.                  team reporting to you, you have   3. Delegate to Team Members
                                                     the ability to lift your level of
                                                     respect with them while also    There are many leaders who
                        By Elizabeth McCormick       improving your capacity for   diminish their potential by hoard-
                                                     greater leadership opportunities.   ing tasks and duties because
                                                                                   they’re afraid of what others will
                                                       To enhance your abilities as    think if they “can’t do it all” or
                                                     a leader, be open to new ways    that no members of their team
                                                     of thinking and new ways of   can do the task as well as them.
                                                     interacting with your peers, your   This is a misconception, and it
                                                     team and your organization as    can lead to burnout and, even
                                                     a whole. Start with this list of   worse, cause your peers and team-
                                                     “Top 10 Tips.”                mates to lose their trust, respect

                                                     1. Listen to Your Team        and loyalty to you as a leader.
                                                                                    Great leaders are great
                                                       It’s not necessary for leaders to
                                                     know everything, but you do need   delegators. If you are not
                                                     to know what the individual skill   sure what you can delegate,
                                                     sets the members of your team   here’s a general process for
                                                     have so you will know whom to   you to consider.
                                                     approach to get the actions or   • Make a list of your specific
                                                     responses you need.           tasks and duties.
                        Elizabeth McCormick is                                     • Put your name next to the
                        a motivational speaker         It is also important to ask your   ones that you absolutely must
                        specializing in leadership    team for input and to listen to   do yourself. For example,
                        and sales presentations.     what they have to say. They    signing checks, attending
                        A former U.S. Army Black     will appreciate being included    executive meetings and certain
                        Hawk helicopter pilot and    in your decision-making –     high-level approvals are not tasks
                        author of The P.I.L.O.T. Meth-  especially if your decisions affect   and duties you can delegate.
                        od: The 5 Elemental Truths   their workload, their department,   • For the tasks that are left, think
                        to Leading Yourself in Life,   their budget or the amount of   of people on your team and their
                        Elizabeth teaches instantly                                specific skill sets. If anyone is
                        applicable strategies to boost   time they have allocated. When   capable of doing a task at least
                        your employees’ confidence   your team feels like a valued part
                        in their leadership abilities. For   of the process, it helps improve   80 percent as well as you, then
                        more information, visit your   both their personal connection   delegate that task.
               or   and overall commitment to the    • Empower your team with
                 desired results.              delegated tasks and duties,
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