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                  How To Use Résumés

                  in the Hiring Process

                  RÉSUMÉS HAVE A PURPOSE, BUT   transition in and out of a certain   a company its je ne sais quois and
                                               company may have a story behind   build a loyal and respectful team.
                  THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY FACTOR
                                               it. A missing college credit may   Rigid statistical filters, such as
                  IN A KEY EMPLOYEE SEARCH.
                                               speak to a personal circumstance   personality tests and résumé
                                               beyond the scope of the résumé.   parsing, can be helpful in cases
                  By Martin Zahra              Strong candidates get missed when   involving a very high number
                                               a résumé is rejected out of hand –   of applications, but they are no
                    Résumés are instruments as   often by a computer system.  substitute for human intuition
                  much as documents. They are                                and connection, and at the earliest
                  tools designed to open doors and   As a longtime executive recruit-  opportunity, managers should
                  begin discussions. They are not   er with a focus on horticulture,   swoop in to solve the problem
                  autobiographies or memoirs, and   I have the benefit of observing   themselves rather than leaving
                  they are not the final word on a   recruitment from both sides, with   it up to the machines. n
                  person’s value as a professional.  candidates and companies. With
                                               candidates, I encourage a highly                Martin
                    There is a tendency in our   personalized approach. Use a                  Zahra
                  hyperdigitized world to reduce   résumé to get a foot in the door,           is a key
                  people to their résumés. In this   but guide the dialogue toward             employee
                  way of thinking, a professional is   phone calls and meetings                search
                  merely a collection of titles and   whenever possible.                       with
                  dates, describing an arc through                                             Florasearch,
                  a set of businesses and locations.   I advise companies to invest in         Inc., which
                                               personal recruitment, too. When                 has helped
                    Experience is, of course, the   managers take a few minutes to             companies
                  most reliable predictor of future   build rapport with candidates, the   in the horticulture industry hire key
                                                                             people since 1983. Contact Martin
                  success. But a professional is more   trade takes notice. In the long run,   by email at martin@florasearch.
                  than his or her résumé. A quick   it is these sorts of habits that give   com, or visit  13
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