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                    2                                                                                          SUPER FLORAL / FEBRUARY 2018

                  their families, to raise competitive-  to educate design influencers on   than a great variety of flowers. It
                  ness within the floriculture indus-  the research behind the power   is the result of our commitment
                  try while embracing the concept   of flowers as well as guidance   and dedication to do things right.
                  of sustainable business (economic,   for bringing it to life in their   It is also a symbol of progress and
                  social and environmental).    work. Also, J Schwanke, AIFD,   welfare for thousands of families.
                                                AAF, PFCI, creates stories about   It is our way to inspire the world.
                    Which means that every time   Colombian floriculture. Our goal
                  you choose Colombian          is to tell the unique and complex   Because behind each and every
                  flowers you not only guarantee   story of Colombian flowers by   flower of Colombia, there is a
                  your customers get incredible   sharing the interesting and    unique power. It is truly diversity
                  value for money but also show you   emotional stories.     that inspires! n
                  care about the provenance of
                  your flowers; an incredibly    This year, we had promotion in
                  strong marketing message to   other cities like Paris, for example,          Eliana Alzate
                  consumers and an increasingly   where we ran hands-on flower                 is the mar-
                  important consideration for all   crown and bouquet workshops. In            keting and
                  professional retailers.       Tokyo, we supported their Happy                tions director
                                                Marriage Day, and in the United                of Asocol-
                    It’s a message we are taking   Kingdom, we are working with                flores, the
                  across the world with showrooms   a team of florist ambassadors to           association
                  in Korea and London. We are   promote why Colombian is their                 of Colom-
                  also regular exhibitors at all the   first-choice supplier.                  bian flower
                  international shows from Moscow                            exporters. In her position, Eliana is
                                                                             responsible for building the “Flowers
                  to Chicago.                    Flowers have the potential to   of Colombia” brand and its promo-
                                                occupy a special place in every-  tion strategy in the most relevant
                    In the U.S., we are working   one’s routine: They can reflect   markets to the Colombian floricul-
                  with the Society of Amerian   emotions, change spaces, connect   ture. She is a lover of flowers, fashion
                  Florists (SAF) on a series of   people and brighten moments.   and trends. Contact her by email at
                  videos, “Two Minutes Trends,”   Our diversity means much more    11
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