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                             A Big Unfolding Story,

                           from Seed to Consumer

                         We’re all part of an enormous and complex   across our industry to share your concerns, your
                        fl oral industry – one that involves billions of dol-  struggles and your successes. This month, Kasey
                        lars and a ects millions of consumers every single   Cronquist from the California Cut Flower Com-
                        day. The miracle of a rose growing in Colombia   mission (CCFC) and Certifi ed American Grown
               SUPER FLORAL / JANUARY 2018
                        or a tulip growing in California and both being   Flowers, and Santiago Cock-Rada from the
                        delivered and sold fresh by retailer in Minnesota in   Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association
                        January is simply amazing.                 (WF&FSA) give their perspectives.
                         The technology, science, distribution and   On the farm front, Debra Prinzing tells the story
                        marketing of fl owers is                                      of three farms that supply
                        fascinating, and it’s a story                                local fl owers to mass-market
                        that needs to be told and                                    chains, and we also explore
                        shared, if we’re all going to                                how marijuana may impact
                        become better and stronger                                   labor and fl ower supply
                        at what we do. It changes                                    in California, with some
                        and evolves every single day,                                estimates putting the dip in
                        and we want to be part of                                    production to as much as 10
                        that story.                                                  percent or more.
                         Yes, today we live in a                                      On the distributors side,
                        world where I can get a tulip                                Christine Wright tells us
                        any day of the week, but we                                  about one company’s at-
                        didn’t always. The chal-                                     tempt to disrupt the model
                        lenges to meet and grow                                      by o ering subscription fl ow-
                        consumer demand are still                                    ers direct to consumers.
                        enormous. And as com-
                        plex as the supply chain is,                                  All of that, combined with
                        there’s a whole new world                                    Super Floral’s regular content,
                        of marketers and                                             aims to give you a better pic-
                        entrepreneurs that aim to                                    ture of what is going on from
                        revolutionize how we buy                                     seed to consumer.
                        fl owers. Our market is ripe for disruptors and
                        innovators - and they are coming.            The stories behind the fl owers are what Super
                                                                   Floral aims to tell. From breeders creating miracu-
                         From the breeders, this issue will explore how   lous new varieties to the growers aiming to meet
                        genetically modifi ed (GM) fl owers are making   consumer needs, all the way to importers, distrib-
                        huge inroads into our fl ower markets. What does   utors, wholesalers and fi nally to the retail markets,
                        this mean to our farms and consumers? Is it a   where fl owers meet the consumer. And we’re not
                        good thing? What will it mean to the future of      stopping there as we ask questions about how
                        the fl oral industry?                       fl owers are marketed and merchandised. Let’s all
                                                                   fi nd the answers in the pages to come! n nd the answers in the pages to come!
                         We also explore new distribution models. Could
                        sea freight become a viable option to air freight,

                        reducing CO2 emissions and costs? Do new
                        technologies and longer-lasting fl owers make
                        this possible?
                         In an e ort to let our membership groups tell
                        your stories, we’re inviting associations from           TRAVIS RIGBY, PUBLISHER
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