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Take photos of the merchandising displays you    // CONTENTS //
                                   create this winter and spring, and enter them in
                                   the 2018 “Merchandising Award of Excellence”               vol. 31, no. 1
                                   contest, sponsored by Super Floral and Syndicate
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                                                                               04  Perspective
                                                                               05  Contributors
                                                                               06  Merchandising Merit
                                                                               08  Trends                      SUPER FLORAL / JANUARY 2018
                                                                               12  Fresh Finds
                                                                               14  Cindy Hanauer
                                                                               30  Debra Prinzing
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                                                                               46  Stats & Facts

                                                                               On the Cover
                                                                               Photo courtesy of the National
                                                                               Agriculture and Food Research
                                                                               Organization; Tsukuba, Japan
              20   Floral Industry Gets the GMO Blues
                             Excitement for a new color is equaled by concern
                        for another GMO in the marketplace.

             08     Trend Watch: The Human Shift                      Floral Airfreight Debate
               8    Changes in brick-and-mortar shops find more        34
                    florists and designers entering the mass market.  Cuts in airfreight force the floral industry
                                                                      to examine alternative shipping options.
             14     It’s the New Year - and Time              36      Airfreight Logistics Create
               14   to Scrap the Comfort Zone!                 36     Disruption of Imported Flowers
                    Five important retail trends that are defining
                    today’s customers and their purchasing habits.    Key to the floral supply chain, issues of logistics
                                                                      continue to cause disruption and distress.
             16     State of the Industry                     37      Floral Tech Trends on the Rise
               16   Our annual analysis of the past year in floriculture      37
                    and our greatest challenges and opportunities in 2018.  Growing trends in technology are evidenced
                                                                      in more areas of the floral industry.
             19     Economic Outlook Blooms in 2018
               19   Forecasted growth appears strong for floral    38   Is Your Business Equipped for
                    purchases and consumption in 2018.         38     the Digital Age?
                                                                      New report offers advice on how to win when
                    Will Cannabis Cut Down the                        the rules of the game have changed.
              26    California Flower Industry?
                    Industry concern exists about legal Cannabis    39   Floral Purchase Tracking Study
                    crops inhaling cut flower profits.         39     Report helps streamline marketing and
                                                                      purchasing plans in order to increase sales.
             28     U.S. Flower Growing: In
              28    Alignment with Consumer Trends            40      BloomsyBox: A Subscription
                    Three trends that will define domestic flower     40  for Happiness
                    production in 2018.                               New business model delivers farm-to-table
                                                                      flowers on demand.
             30     The Growth of Flower-Farm-
              30    to-Grocery Floral                         42      The Grateful Table
                    Demand for locally grown flowers creates new       42  California flower farmers honor and thank
                    opportunities for boutique flower farms across       first responders at wildfire benefit event.  3
                    the U.S. and their grocery customers.
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