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                 tegrity of the company from which   5. Cognitive Commerce   above are not concepts; they’re real-
                 they’re purchasing. Both the good   The more digital intelligence you   ity. We have a unique opportunity
                 and bad of a shopping experience   have, the greater your competi-  to move the business forward in a
                 can be posted within seconds, reach-  tive advantage. By the year 2020,   way that has never been done be-
                 ing thousands of other potential   approximately 1.7 MB of new   fore. If we don’t do it now, someone
                 customers. This has created not only  information will be created every   else will.
                 an additional layer of complexity   second for every person on earth.                         SUPER FLORAL / JANUARY 2018
                 but also an additional way to under-  How do you use data today? How   Believe in yourself. Plan for the
                 stand your customers’ experiences   will you use even more data in the   future, and your business will be
                 inside the store.             future? The sea change is occurring   unstoppable in 2018. n
                                               right before us with the “Internet
                   Tip: Create positive “tweetable   of Things” connecting the network
                 moments” for customers inside the   around us, including 3D product          Contact Cindy
                 store, building displays and touting   creation tools, network integration,   Hanauer by
                                                                                              mail at Grand
                 unique products to “share with your   virtual reality merchandising and      Central Floral;
                 friends.” The more positive the store   360-degree data exchanges from       12620-3 Beach
                 environment, the greater chance of   farm to consumer. As a result, we       Blvd; Jackson-
                 positive PR on social media. Do you   will create more sustainable and       ville, FL 32246;
                 want to know what your customers   cost-effi  cient processes, off er per-   by phone at
                 are saying? It’s simple to fi nd out:   sonalized shopping experiences for   (844-693-5672)
                 Just enter your company name and   consumers, and gain better commu-  or 904-327-1951; or by email at cindy@
                 a few keywords in the search fi eld   nication using live-time collabora-  grandcentralfl
                 of any social media platform, and   tion within the entire enterprise.   For more fl oral news and education,
                 every comment and/or hashtag                               visit Cindy’s website at www.grand
                 with those words will be revealed.  The fi ve important retail trends   centralfl

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