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                   3                                                                                           SUPER FLORAL / JANUARY 2018

                    How do you maintain your    is my honor.” ~ Julie Poehler  something that does work, we share
                  creativity in a grocery store                              it with our floral brothers and sisters
                  environment?                   “Having displays to be creative   because we’re not just one floral
                                                with, and customers that trust you to   shop in one store, we’re a    family
                    “The grocery store environment is  create anything for them.”    in floral.” ~ Jordan Statz
                  ever-changing, so new opportunities  ~ Anna Young
                  always arise to try new ideas.”                              “I have put together arrange-
                  ~ Dan Kotecki, AIFD            “We’re lucky in the grocery   ments that retail for $5.99 to
                                                side of things. We have a captive   $699.99 in the same day. So,
                    “The challenge to create a display  audience walking by our coolers   it is what you make of it!!!”
                  that will catch people’s attention is   every day, coming in daily. We have   ~ Shannon Ahlman n
                  the thrill for me.  I like to be differ-  the room to experiment and try
                  ent than the competition, and my   something in our displays, in our
                  customers appreciate that and know  coolers and if it doesn’t sell, we have
                  that if they want something different  the talent and ability to turn it into   Bill Schaffer,
                  and special, they come to me, which  something else that does. If we find   AIFD, AAF, PFCI,
                                                                                             and Kristine
                                                                                             Kratt, AIFD, PFCI,
                                                                                             are the own-
                                                                                             ers of Schaffer
                                                                                             Designs. Bill is a
                     3. Dan Kotecki, AIFD, 2nd                                               third-generation
                     place winner of HyVee’s                                                 floral designer
                     “Extreme Design Challenge                                               from Phila-
                     2017,” Brooklyn Park, Minn.                             delphia, and Kris grew up in the floral
                     (store #1040)                                           industry of Northern California. Flowers
                                                                             led to Bill and Kris’ first meeting while
                     4. (left to right) Shannon                              serving on AIFD’s Membership Com-
                     Ahlman, 1st place winner;                               mittee. The couple specialize in event
                     Dan Kotecki, AIFD, 2nd place                            design, education, showroom and
                     winner; Jordan Statz, 3rd                               trade show design, and overseas
                     place winner               4                            product development.              11
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