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               SUPER FLORAL / JANUARY 2018

                       Challenge.” More than 20 contestants   future, I hope to be able to inspire
                       in each multiregional competition saw   young people to come into this floral
                       first-timers through seasoned AIFD   industry like I did, way back when,
                       design competitors. Each challenger   by teaching them at an educational
                       had 2.5 hours to complete a surprise   training event.”  ~ Julie Poehler
                       package of five designs (and you can
                       see in the photos that the eight final-  “I started in floral with HyVee back
                       ists are serious and seriously talented   when I was 16 or so in the Omaha
                       designers). HyVee’s Floral “Extreme   metro. Initially, I was supposed to
                       Design Challenge” was held during   work in bakery, but they didn’t have
                       Iowa’s Premier Food, Wine and Beer   a position available. so I worked in
                       Expo. These designers were compet-  floral and fell in love with the trade.
                       ing live, being viewed on overhead,   Years later, I moved onto a private
                       jumbotron-styled screens in front    shop. Then I took a five-year hiatus
                       of thousands of attendees, while   to open a restaurant with family. After
                       creating a Christmas-themed group   five years, I wanted back into the
                       of floral designs.             floral industry.” ~ Jordan Statz
                        There are obvious answers to    The ever-changing floral industry
                       the why this shift is happening: the   may seem more secure with a weekly
                       need of a job, health benefits, paid   paycheck, but it is much more than
                       time-off, a schedule … the corporate   that. Many of these grocers acknowl-
                       advantages go on and on, but when   edge a designer’s needs to explore,
                       questioning some of these finalists on   create and grow. HyVee’s commit-  2. Shannon Ahlman, Hy-Vee,
                                                                                        Grand Island, Neb. (store
                       their reasons:                 ment to their floral division puts them   #1221), 1st place regional
                                                      at the forefront of the wants of many   winner and 1st place winner of
                        “This is my hometown, and I love   of today’s floral designers.  Hy-Vee’s “Extreme Design
                       the people in this community. In the                             Challenge 2017”
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