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Stater Bros., Wildomar, Calif.
                Of course, we’ve created our own modern-day stories
             concerning love and destiny over the years, and Stater
             Bros. in Wildomar, Calif., took that path with its “Birds of a
             Feather Flock Together” theme. Prea Jones, GMC Floral,
             and Ramon De La Cruz, produce clerk, incorporated the
             popular romance fi lm The Notebook into the theme, dec-
             orating the display with still images from the movie, such
             as the famous kissing scene between Ryan Gosling and
             Rachel McAdams, as well as movie posters and placards
             with various quotes from the movie. In The Notebook,
             swans represent the two protagonists’ lifelong love for
             one another, which inspired the display’s title. Images
             of swans envelop the display with assorted Valentine’s
             gifts and decorations, such as vases, balloons,
             champagne bottles, boxed chocolates and teddy
             bears surrounding the exterior of the display. sf

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