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Hy-Vee, Omaha, Neb.
                Another interesting historical factoid about Valentine’s
             Day is its connection to Cupid. In Roman mythology,
             Cupid is the son of Venus, the goddess of love. Cupid
             has always been associated with Valentine’s Day because
             he’s the god of love and attraction, and his bow is used to
             pierce the hearts of mortals to have them fall in love.
                It’s in that spirit that a Hy-Vee in Omaha, Neb.,
             created a “Follow Your Arrow” display. Floral manager
             Cindy Fitzgerald and team mate Autumn Richard
             found inspiration in the Kasey Musgraves song of the
             same title and made an arrow out of hyacinth stakes
             and fabric. Store employees also wore sweatshirts with
             “Follow Your Arrow” embroidered on one side and an
             arrow going through their names on another. The display
             featured fresh arrangements, roses, hyacinth and tulip
             plants, various gift items, and “booze bouquets” with
             Jack Daniels and Coke as gifts for men.

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