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merchandising merit

                     L e Is in the A

                                     Valentine’s Day folklore and traditions open
                                         the door for creative display options.

                Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated with choco-
             lates and, of course, fl owers. That much we know.
                But did you know that the day of love has multiple
             traditions and stories at its core? For example, some
             historians believe Valentine’s Day began after Bishop
             Valentine went against Roman Emperor Claudius II’s
             express command that men should not wed during
             wartime. When Claudius learned Valentine was secretly
             performing marriages for couples, he had the bishop
             executed. Another interesting factoid concerning the
             holiday was that it was considered bad luck to sign a
             valentine card in Victorian days.

             Stop & Shop, Madison, Conn.
                Pamela Sweet, fl oral manager of Stop & Shop in
             Madison, Conn., along with Diane Kirk and Taylor
             Bryant, put up this vibrant “Love Grows and Grows” display,
             complete with a giant heart-shaped sign surrounded by
             vibrant foliage. The display not only shows off decorative
             roses, potted fl owers, and fl oral and plant baskets, but also
             chocolates and cakes and other assorted sweets.

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