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workbench basics

                            Winter Jewels

                                          Seasonal accompaniments quickly change
                                            the look and feel of any arrangement.

                                                    DESIGN BY LORI MCNORTON                MATERIALS: ‘Sterling Sensation’
                                                                                           hybrid tea roses from Eufloria
                                                                                           Flowers; ‘Lady Bombastic’
                                                                                           spray roses and waxflowers from
                                                                                           Dramm & Echter; White Shimmer
                                                                                           Plumosa from FernTrust;
                                                                                           Eucalyptus from Resendiz
                                                                                           Brothers Protea Growers;
                                                                                           Oasis Table Deco Holders, Oasis
                                                                                           Natural Wrap (Woodland Bark)
                                                                                           and UGlu Adhesive Strips from
                                                                                           Smithers-Oasis North
                                                                                           America; Phalaenopsis orchids,
                                                                                           holly, candlesticks, wood tray and
                                                                                           decorative snow from suppliers
                                                                                           of your choice.

                A romantic collection of Phalaenopsis orchids, hybrid tea   containers and adds to the natural woodsy aura. A tray keeps the
             roses and spray roses gets a fast and easy holiday upgrade   snow contained and makes the tableau easy to move around a
             with the addition of shimmering plumosa fern and glistening   customer’s home — display at a party, and then move the fl owers
             artifi cial snow. Glass candlesticks elevate the designs and mirror   to the sitting room to extend the enjoyment, for example.
             the refl ective sparkle of the snow. Bark wrap decorates the

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